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Monday, July 17, 2017

Family communications almost at a stand still

We have had several family members of inmates at the MCSO jail complaining about the communication services for the jail.  According to family members most of the systems are down and they are unable to communicate with their loved ones.  One family member said that with all the new communications installed visiting loved ones should be seamless.  Instead the jail has only one monitor working.

Some of the corrections officers are complaining that they are very shorthanded at the jail and should have shifts of 21 personnel per shift and they are short 16 corrections officers per night.  If this is the case it is a dangerous situation for both the jailers and the inmates.

Franklin should be focusing on her job in Morgan County rather than building fences and gates around her property and traveling to Mobile County to see the house she is building but will probably never get a chance to live in.  Franklin is going to jail.  It isn't a matter of if; it is a matter of when.

Same with the rest of the goons.  Steven Ziaja is lounging around Falkville waiting for the next shoe to drop.  Speaking of dropping it appears that Ziaja has lost about 40 lbs.  Maybe he should share his secret with his ex.


  1. So it's kinda difficult for people to communicate with their loved ones...the drug dealers, rapists, violent offenders, molesters, etc.?
    What a shame.
    I thought you'd drop this "new house in Saraland" idiocy by now...your misguided persistence is stunning.

    1. Most inmates in Morgan County jail are non-violent offenders. If it's hard to communicate with their family members then it's also hard to communicate with their lawyers.

    2. I guess it ought to be easier for the drug dealers and thieves to visit with family, then.
      Attorneys meet with inmates face to face, not on video.

  2. Persistence is one thing that Glenda has plenty of. Most readers here probably haven't known her as long as I have, she has been tormenting people for years, long before Ms. Franklin was elected Sheriff. Glenda's own family are terrified of her, they know what her twisted mind is capable of. Just ask them.

  3. Dont lie. Dont steal and maybe god will cover you.

  4. I thinks that is really a bad situation. The inmates should be facilitated so that they can at least meet their family members.