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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


We have had a lot of people ask us why Sheriff Ana Franklin would consider taking money and resources from the sheriff's office that does not belong to her. Entitlement.  Sheriff Franklin believes that she is not a thief and that she is entitled to the money she has taken.  Sheriff Franklin believes that she is entitled to utilize sheriff's office employees, inmates, vehicles, and money for her own little nest egg so that when she leaves office she has no debt.  Sheriff Franklin believes she is entitled to a luxury life and she believes she deserves it.  At the same time, Franklin is surrounding herself with her imagined entitlements, the hard-working men and women working at the sheriff's office are barely making ends meet.  The deputies, our first line of defense, have received the brunt of Sheriff Franklin's wrath.
Why?  She believes that they have deserted her, that they have no respect for her, and she wants them punished.  Franklin believes that the deputies have worked with the whistleblowers by sharing information.  We say to Franklin:  you have no clue.  No clue how disrespectfully you have treated the sheriff's office employees.  How you have embarrassed them, cursed them as if they were dogs, made fun of them.  Your hatred of your staff is obvious.   Franklin has no respect for her management staff and does little to assist them in running the office.

Franklin is gearing up for her next run for office but she has some work ahead of her.  Franklin's goal is to get rid of Bili, Johnson, Livingston, Corley, and most of the deputies so that she, Bones, and Blake can build a more viable and dedicated workforce that worships Sheriff Franklin. Why? Entitlement.  Sheriff Franklin is entitled to build her own workforce.  A workforce that allows her to continue to thieve, lie, cheat, and steal from the sheriff's office and the county.

Sheriff Franklin has passed some of the crumbs of her entitlements along to Larry and Pam Berzett, Brian and Dee Goodwin, Bones Wilson, Ron Livingston, and Blake Robinson. I can hear it now.  Well! If Ron Livingston received entitlements why is the sheriff trying to get rid of him? The answer is simple.  He has lost his usefulness and in Franklin's own words he is too damn old to manage an office.

I call that someone normal. As an example, it is very normal for people in similar jobs and under similar conditions to believe they deserve to be compensated more than a co-worker. There has also been plenty of research conducted using experiments that demonstrate the "cake and eat it too" nature of our minds. 

The idea one might deserve more than another is a normal psychological byproduct of how our minds work in framing the world around us. You tend to attribute any of your failures to external events beyond your control, "the printer ran out of ink", while you attribute any success to your wonderful skills. You protect your self-worth. Conversely, you will not be so kind in your attributions when others fail. Framing the world in this manner, why wouldn't you deserve more?

Bottom line, it is very normal (psychologically speaking) for people to think they are better than their peers in XYZ manner and therefore deserve more. Culturally speaking we learn to filter our true opinions, to socially mask the idea we deserve more, but the evidence is pretty strong that we are biased creatures when it comes to estimating ourselves and our own abilities.

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