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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Corrected - No need to worry Anonymous

Blogger Comments:  No need to worry about the drug dealers and thieves, Anonymous.  Ana has all those inmates out on work release.  Tell us, Anonymous, why does Ana have drug dealers and thieves checking out all hours of the day and night for work release?   Why does Johnny Howell, husband of Jennifer Howell, pick up inmates to groom his and Judge Howell's property?  Why does the high sheriff use inmate labor at her home all hours of the day and night?  We are sure there is a logical explanation for that.

In addition, attorneys meet inmates face to face?  Really? Without your comment, we would have never known that.  That, by the way, is our smart ass answer to your comment.

Get a grip.  All persons are human.  We make mistakes that can land us in jail.  With Ana in charge, you don't need to make a mistake to land in jail.  All you have to do is tick her off.  At this point in the game, the inmates look like angels compared to Ana and her wolfs.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Family communications almost at a stand still": 

I guess it ought to be easier for the drug dealers and thieves to visit with family, then. 
Attorneys meet with inmates face to face, not on video.


  1. Inmates look like angles?
    What kind of angles? Acute, obtuse, right?

  2. Dang, you fixed it, now my joke isn't quite as funny.

  3. So you already knew that inmates meet face to face with attorneys, but chose to lie and say they would have difficulty because the visitation system wasn't working.
    What's the address for the house in Saraland?

    1. Saraland?! Hell, you can't even find a listed home address for where Ana lives in Morgan County.

    2. That's because she has to hide...being in contempt is least most people would be. Hell, if I had to pay $100 toward that charge...well, I'd hide.

    3. Look at that I'm against Franklin and got blocked, I didn't curse either...whistleblower keeping it tight. Geez, her goodies must have killed it...