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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Anonymous when will the blogger stop?

We love your comments.  As to wondering when the blogger will stop, the answer is simple, not until the fat lady sings.  When Sheriff Franklin and her goons have been arrested, charged with criminal activity, and convicted the blogger will stop.  Until that time we encourage you to sit back and enjoy the ride.

It doesn't matter how much truth is placed on the blog, there will always be nonbelievers.  Those who bought in to Franklin's corruption hook, line, and sinker.  Why can't anonymous say something of substance?  Anonymous has to keep up the nasty comments because the sheriff cries that nobody loves me.  Nobody is supporting me.  I have been good to you.  The deputies betrayed me after all I have done for them.  The clerks can't be trusted.  The commission is worthless and I am going to have to deal with the b*st*rds for another four year.  The sheriff claims that all of the commissioners are conspiring with the whistleblowers.  Now that is paranoia.

We have heard this pity party time and time again and we are sick of it.  The sheriff has partaken in far more money than you currently realize, she destroyed the foundation of the sheriff's office.  You goons who continue to get paid excessive overtime would be foolish to stop worshiping the high sheriff at this point.  It would be of no value.  The question is what you gonna do when the come for you?

Who cares what you have to say you are going to jail.  You keep yipping about the bloggers yet you have no substance.  You talk of arrests yet to date you have not been able to produce one crumb of evidence against the whistleblowers.

Get a grip.  People like you are petty and childish and have no substance to offer as anonymous to our readers.

As to how we knew about Franklin's purchases at Lowe's that is simple.  Everyone in the county knows who our Sheriff of Nottingham is.  We were informed by an alert customer of Franklin's purchases and the use of the credit card.  No value added for us to follow anybody since so many people in the county are willing to rat the sheriff out.


  1. What if Sheriff Franklin, nor anyone else from her office, aren't arrested? What if she is re-elected?
    What then?

    1. well that's not something we are concerned with. I think we all know that it can not happen again at this point. Have you talked to anyone outside of your circle of thugs lately?

  2. You're wrong about one thing, I certainly have not made any nasty comments. If I said you are a prescription drug abuser, or that you suffer from some mental illness, you could perceive that as "nasty." I merely question dubious comments, and point out obvious lies.
    Address for the house in Saraland?

  3. So an "alert customer" noticed what she was buying, and exactly which card she paid with? Does an MCSO credit card have Morgan County Sheriff's Office printed in great big letters on the face of it? Is it that easily identifiable? Seems you'd have to be looking right over a person's shoulder to read a credit card, kinda like a criminal would.
    Strange that some random customer would do that.
    More likely, to me, this also sounds like a flat-out lie.

  4. Every blogger has option to opt out for the things that he wants or does not. You have option to accept comments only by genuine users that you can see in your blogger settings.