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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Anonymous just doesn't give up

It is just killing the Ana goons that we have no desire of doing your research for you.  Why don't you folks take another trip to Mobile County on MCSO funds and seek out the new love nest for Ana and her boyfriend.  You can't stand it because we are telling the truth and you can't figure out how we know what is going on.

Human nature for most of is that we can't keep a secret.  For instance Ana tells her family and friends what she is doing.  This is just a handful of people.  Each one of these folks tells someone else, and the process goes on.  We have tons of folks who talk to us and eventually it gets to us.  Then it takes a little bit of research and you have the answer.  The only problem with the inept goons that Franklin has surrounded herself with is that they have no clue how to conduct an investigation.  The least impressive investigators in the Sheriff's Office in our opinion are Blake Robinson and Bones Wilson. These two inept investigators proved how capable their investigative skills are along with Sheriff Ana when they paid an informant to go into a business office a week before they requested an official warrant.  They had copies of documents removed and Keylogger software installed on the computers. It literally took no time to verify with what these two highly skilled investigators had done.  At best these two operated like the keystone cops.  You should leave your investigations to the hardworking men and women that truly serve the MCSO on a daily basis.  Ana's goon worship Ana only and the power she have given them to conduct illegal business and get paid handsomely for their deeds.


  1. No pics, no address = lie.
    It's ok to admit you're 100% wrong on this one.

  2. Same as last week on the Anna driving south to The shore when she was seen at Libbys that afternoon, that horse trailer can haul butt to be in 3 places in the same day

  3. No one comments anymore. The accusations have gotten so far from the truth that people don't even find the blog entertaining, much less factual. Glenda and her thugs are compulsive liars obsessed to the point that it should be unlawful to stalk people the way they do. You just can't fix stupid.

  4. No, no one comments because it's impossible to get through to you idiots. The people who are "in the know" know what is going on here. You all can deny, deter, and lie all you want. WE know that a new administration is coming. Best thing to do at this point is to save yourself Ana.

    Go tell the truth, throw your allies under the bus, and leave under your own terms. OR You can continue down the boulevard of broken dreams, and be plastered all over the media as the person you are. You will then be forced to move away to escape the embarrassment.

    One of those two things will happen soon, I promise!

  5. So Glenda and her misfits are in the know?? How funny!!!!

    1. Her and Rick are top notch double-naught spies for the FBI!
      Best you don't mess with them.

  6. Ana and her thugs know who we know.... Right Ana?

  7. If she can lie under oath about all else...who is to say this house doesnt exist. I dont believe she has told the truth since the day she took office. Time will tell.