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Friday, July 7, 2017

Anonymous is back..........

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "There is a reason": 

Because Glenda and her goons have been following people and taking pictures for years. Surely they have got pictures of this mythical house in Saraland. 

Blogger Comment: We realize that Sheriff Ana Franklin has become delusional over the years and claims that "Glenda and her goons have been following people and taking pictures for years."  It appears that not only is Franklin delusional, so are her followers. The high sheriff took this very complaint to the State Attorney General.  The claims could not be substantiated.  Franklin had Glenda's office broken into and gathered information and still no arrest.  Franklin sent Bradley's and Glenda's computers they obtained to an outside computer forensics group and still no arrest.  Franklin claims are getting old.  Franklin's greatest wish is that we would stalk her, break into her house, walk through her yard at night.  Why would we do that when Sheriff Franklin's big mouth is her biggest enemy.  Ana and her goons, including you, anonymous, are the ones guilty of what you accuse us of.  In addition, we are not looking at jail time but you are.  As for the house in Saraland, you already know it exists and where it is and how it was hidden from the public.  

It is obvious that Sheriff Franklin and you goons cannot operate a legitimate sheriff's office business.  That is why you do not have the respect of the people. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Ana and her liars": 

I see you haven't "approved" my comment, about the $20/HR math, from earlier today. I posted it knowing you wouldn't. It's obvious that you're scared of an anonymous person pointing out your complete fabrications and lies. Your weak mind, and lack of skills of debate, shine bright every time you censor comments. 
I certainly hope your candidate is better prepared than you. 

Blogger Comments:  The bloggers' minds are not weak but yours is.  During the campaign for sheriff 2014 we requested copies of the sheriff's office financial records.  We received three compilation reports from the accounting company Franklin hired.  We also received three copies of individual accounts on the Quick Books from Franklin, we also received the States audit on these accounts.  We blogged this early on.  I recommend you do a little research and you will find the facts.  We also researched the amount of money Franklin spent on the posse, the saddles, horses, gear, horse blankets, travel, and the amount of money she spent of the company she hired to run her rodeos.  The numbers are enormous but of course you already know that.  We are pretty sure you are one of the recipients of those gifts.  After we reviewed the books and the compilation reports, we took them to an accountant. The accountant agreed that there was a lot of fuzzy math.  We then spoke to the state auditor.  We told him the math didn't look right.  His comment was that we received 24 months of the audit and his audit went for an additional 6 months.  We agreed with him. Our question was why is your audit hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the information we received from Franklin and the compilation reports prepared by Franklin's accountants?  The response from the state auditor was that he could not explain that at all. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Ana and her liars": 

Let me paint this picture for you. Glenda claims the Sheriff steals enough money to pay every employee $20/HR. Just using rough numbers, the employees there average about $13.50/HR right now. I'm sure that's a bit on the low side, but it'll work for now. To get to $20/HR, that would require a $6.50/HR raise, that's $260.00 per week, per employee. I'd guess they've probably got 180 employees (your office source can provide you the exact number), that would be about $46,800 per week.
You're saying this Sheriff steals $46,000 per week? That's $2,392,000 per year.
Is that the number you intend, or is it just another lie? 

As to your comments in regards to the $20.00 per hour we stand by our figures.  We have no doubt that the sheriff has taken of far more than anybody knows.  You being one of those partakers do not give a thought of the men and women who bust their butts everyday on the road or in the jail for pocket change.  Meanwhile you insiders get to eat all the crumbs from Ana's table.  There is no shaming you, you have been a thief far too long.  You may hide behind a bible, a church, the thin blue line, or Ana's empty promises but you are still wrong. You have inside knowledge and are working in the MCSO everyday.  Why don't you do the math?

Many of you are so self righteous and probably turned  a blind eye when you watched one of your leaders, maybe your husband, walk into the posse building and pick up wads of money and stuff it in his pocket and walk out as if he owned that money.  In your righteousness I am sure he was forgiven instantly or he earned it for his hard work, yet you do Franklin's bidding trying to hire attorneys in a class action lawsuit.  It isn't appropriate for Franklin to solicit lawsuits against citizens who tell the truth.  You foolish ones.  Even the attorneys are talking.

In closing make fun of the figures all you want the corrections officer are making around a maximum of $12.00 per hour, deputies around $15.00 or $16.00 dollars per hours while you guys are raking the money in along with your hefty perks, thanks to the sheriff's bread crumbs that keep all the slugs coming back for more. We don't hate; you we pity you and your ignorance.  Go back and check your figures on what the employees make. Go back and check the records of the amount of overtime Bones, Blake, and Livingston has filled for.  Go back and check the times that all of you hit the road on the MCSO expense.  Then come back and chastise us for telling the truth.


  1. Still waiting on those pics. You claimed she's building a "hidden vault." Sounds like you got up close to this mythical house. No way you, Rick, or your other goons, wouldn't get pics of that. So, either you have proof, or it's a bald-faced lie.

  2. Some people do have houses built away from public view. Or at least hidden enough to not get a good picture without trespassing.

    Is it possible to get one from Google Earth? At least an overhead?

    1. Google Earth updates periodically, may not have recent info on a new build.

    2. I understand. Just a thought. There's still no street view update on my house and it's been built for 5 years.

  3. What's the address?