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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Anonymous has left a question

Blogger Comments:  I kinda doubt that since we are not in South Alabama on the beach you are not authorized to openly drink alcohol in public.  The sheriff and her thugs place of choice to get loaded. If a person visiting Talucah Landing is drinking beer openly in a public place that prohibits open containers they should be cited.  That does not give MCSO deputies the authority or right to go through anyone's closed cooler.  My opinion.  Perhaps we will get a legal opinion on this one.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Morgan County Sheriff's Office Again": 

Since you're talking about Talucah Landing, I'm curious. Is it legal to openly drink alcohol in a public place, in Morgan County? 


  1. As it stands, you have no idea what actually happened at Talucah Landing. You've read one person's account, without regard to the opposing viewpoint.
    You see,I have no idea, and you don't either, about the reason the deputies were there to begin with. Was there a complaint about public drinking or underage drinking? There again,I don't know and neither do you. If deputies are searching without probable cause, they should be dealt with, and those cases thrown out.
    Surely you don't believe everything you read on the internet? That's a rhetorical question, no need to reply.
    All along,I thought you supported the "hard working men and women of the sheriff's office", I guess it's too convenient when there is some negativity to spew. Looks like you're especially unhappy with the newest deputies, how odd.

  2. "Ana's new goons who do not know the law from a hole in the wall." What a nasty thing to say about the newest deputies, those guys are just starting out in their careers, and here you are running them down. You probably don't even know any of their names, you certainly have no idea how they do their jobs.

  3. She has gotten rid of all the experienced ones who refused to work for her corrupt ass. People who loved their job and made a difference.

  4. So all the current deputies hate their jobs, and don't work to make a difference? You must think they are all corrupt since they agree to work for Sheriff Franklin, and the less-experienced deputies can't do the job as well as folks like Rick Sherman?

  5. It's amazing...people are onto this woman's game plan. The County, the commissioners, the employees, the former and present employees are shocked she has gotten away with so much. More corruption and ethics violations than some of our States higher elected officials...when will this mess end.