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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Ana and her liars

There isn't a day that goes by that someone doesn't call me or text me to share more lies that Sheriff Ana Franklin has told.  It is evident that Franklin is a hero and a legend in her own mind.  We have talked to people in the know who say that Franklin is the most corrupt sheriff the county has ever experienced.  Yet, Franklin believes she is the savior of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office and the employees.  Franklin is not only a liar, she is also delusional.

Sheriff Franklin puts up a good front.  She claims she has been redeemed, that she no longer has the desire to steal from the sheriffs office, that she wants to support the deputies, that she wants to buy much-needed equipment, that she wants to give Larry the prizes she promised if he kept the jail running while she was out running the roads.  Even the Berzett's know that if Franklin's lips are moving she is lying. Franklin claims she does not have the money to support the MCSO as it needs to be supported.  The commission is at fault for not providing Ana with adequate resources to support her mission and give raises to the employees. Franklin has lied to everybody about how she has changed her wicked ways. Only a few believe Ana.  Those few give Ana hope that she will never go to jail, and the next campaign for sheriff will net her four more years of greed.  Franklin has taken enough money to increase the employee wage rate for each employee to $20.00 per hour. Franklin is so damn greedy that she has never thought once about her employees but she makes darn sure the drug dealers, manufacturers, and distributors on trustee status do not pay their fines nor court cost while in her custody.  Each has a bank card that money is placed on and each walks away with thousands of dollars on the card.  Once out of jail these folks register as indigent and pay minimal court cost and fines.  Yet, Franklin has so little respect for her employees she screws them all the way to the bank.  Franklin doesn't just screw the employees it goes far deeper than that.  She screws their families out of the resources they need to make ends meet.

Dee Goodwin is one of the sheriff's biggest supporter and the supervisor over the commissary. She is a true believer in Ana.  Why shouldn't she be?  Goodwin is a contractor for the commissary with full benefits of all the perks of being a sheriff's office employee.  A credit card, a vehicle, a horse trailer, all expenses paid to horse conventions, and Ana's confident.  We are asking the agency that comes into arrest Ana and her thugs to pay close attention to the commissary account.  According to Ana, it is a real cash cow and a huge part of the retirement funds for Ana.

Franklin has no high dollar supporters left.  There isn't a person in Morgan County, Alabama that believes that Ana has reformed and will never ever tell another lie or take another dollar that doesn't belong to her.  The majority of the people who read the blog know that if Franklin's lips are moving she is lying.

The same goes for Bones Wilson and Blake Robinson.  My question has been and still is why would you support a person who you know is lying their ass off? There is only one reason.  The person supporting Ana agrees and supports her lies and receives benefits from Ana for her support. Just go back and review the blogs that reflect Bones Wilson and Blake Robinson's overtime.  Ana will soon find out who her true friends are.  It will be the ones who support her through the campaign.  We are not talking about the people who supported her in the previous two campaigns.  The donated money, food, drinks, and people in positions of power.  This time around Ana will need to use her stash of cash, her secretary, and her followers to support her.  Franklin will need her stash of cash from the commissary and the discretionary funds to pay for her campaign.  How much of your stash have you shared with your thugs?  Not much is what we hear. Franklin has milked the inmate food funds and the commissary for years.  What's next Ana?



  1. I see you haven't "approved" my comment, about the $20/HR math, from earlier today. I posted it knowing you wouldn't. It's obvious that you're scared of an anonymous person pointing out your complete fabrications and lies. Your weak mind, and lack of skills of debate, shine bright every time you censor comments.
    I certainly hope your candidate is better prepared than you.

  2. You obviously are one of her thugs worried about losing your car or gas card. Be preparec...morgan county tax payers are fed up. Tell your friend sheriff....resign

  3. Let me paint this picture for you. Glenda claims the Sheriff steals enough money to pay every employee $20/HR. Just using rough numbers, the employees there average about $13.50/HR right now. I'm sure that's a bit on the low side, but it'll work for now. To get to $20/HR, that would require a $6.50/HR raise, that's $260.00 per week, per employee. I'd guess they've probably got 180 employees (your office source can provide you the exact number), that would be about $46,800 per week.
    You're saying this Sheriff steals $46,000 per week? That's $2,392,000 per year.
    Is that the number you intend, or is it just another lie?

    1. Listen buddy, I don't care about mathematics. I know she's lied. If your going to beat a dead horse to death. Go ahead. Your wasted calculations and time are the least of my worries and you my dear need to see the big picture. Get a grip.