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Sunday, July 2, 2017

A private comment from one of our readers

Ana you have become an embarrassment to this county, the citizens, both the national and state Sheriffs Associations, the employees who work for you and law enforcement everywhere. You have built this nice home in Saraland, AL with money you stole from the Sheriffs Office. You have committed many crimes and atrocities while in Morgan County. You let everyone down. Save yourself and everyone from further embarrassment and just continue to rat out and lie about your employees as you resign and run away to South Alabama. Enjoy the limited freedom you and your co conspirators still have and just simply get out of Morgan County while the getting is good. Same goes for all those who know your days are numbered at the Sheriffs Office. You all keep trying to weasel your way out of the trouble you are in. Grasping for straws is likely just futile efforts at this point. It's all closing in and the more you criminal weasels try to blame others the tighter the noose gets. Just walk away. Try to escape the reality you will become accustom to and enjoy your fleeting freedom. Go away! All the supporters you had commenting on the various media outlets coverage has gone away. Even your biggest supporters are now gone and everyone knows what a crook you are. All this before some of the biggest civil cases to come, the criminal ones have not even begun. And then we have the tax issues. For Ana's thugs you have to realize the lies and deceit spins and criminal actions by Ana and yourselves have not gone unnoticed. Time to pack up and go. Where? Anywhere but here! Likely destination will be jail but run while you still can. Your friends and connections can not help you as the once could as they know you have become that toxic, corrupt, corrosive, and arrogant person who has caused so much harm to so many. Your interest and intentions are not good and are not about anything but self serving versus the spin and lies meant to make people think you care about anything other than Ana and her fat pockets. With all the facts and circumstances surfacing daily Ana and her band of thieves have to realize any further efforts on their part only add insult to injury. Just go away till you can't. Resign and go away quietly, or make National headlines. Doesn't really matter.

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