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Friday, June 2, 2017

Yum Yum

Blogger Comments:  We would like to see the food bills from the past 1 1/2 years and compare them with the current food bills.  We bet the differences will be in the thousands of dollars.  From famine to feast.  Maybe Sheriff Ana Franklin will provide copies of inmate food bills to be posted on so that we can all see the then and now bills.  We need to see the actual checks not cooked books.

So! What next in the lawsuit?  According to the article Franklin is expected to argue why she shouldn't be required to spend all food money on inmate meals.  We can hardly wait to hear that argument.  It should go right along with Billable Barney telling the court that Sheriff Ana Franklin didn't understand she couldn't take the inmate food funds.  The way Barney argued his case you would have to believe that Sheriff Ana Franklin had about a 3rd-grade learning capacity.  Shucks, judge.  My client wasn't competent enough to understand all those big four-letter words and above.  Your Honor Sheriff Franklin did understand all the other requirements but that little requirement well! she just didn't have the mental capacity to figure that requirement out.  No Sir Your Honor we are not trying to get permission for something my client has already done.  She just didn't understand. reporter goes to jail for dinner amid sheriff's food money controversy

Updated June 02, 2017 

What's for dinner, sheriff?
Since the Morgan County sheriff loaned $150,000 of the jail's food money to a crooked, now-bankrupt used car lot, a legal battle has been underway. I've been covering the food money saga, which includes some allegations of improper feeding of inmates. Sheriff Ana Franklin has denied the allegations, saying inmates have received a proper diet since she took office. So, I decided to go taste the food for myself. Chili with corn chips, mixed vegetables, fried potatoes and mandarin oranges were on Wednesday’s dinner menu. Each of the dishes was rated on a scale of one to 5 stars. The inmates cook and serve all meals at the jail. Joining me for jail food was Sheriff Ana Franklin, Warden Aaron Dawson and Jail Administrator Larry Berzett.
Ashley Remkus |

Feeding the inmates
Inmates eat their meals inside the dorms where they are housed. Rolling buffet tables are pushed through the halls and into the various pods, where inmates dip the dishes and serve their fellow prisoners. Years ago, trays were prepared in the kitchen and delivered to the inmates, the sheriff said. Since the jail started using the rolling buffet tables, inmate meals are served fresher, with cold foods staying chilled and hot foods being kept steamy. Unsweet tea and milk also are available for the inmates to drink. Coolers of ice water are maintained inside their pods.
Ashley Remkus |

Does the kitchen take special requests?
Inmates who have allergies (or maybe just dislike) for certain foods can fill out forms and file them with the kitchen staff to make sure they aren’t served those items. Several inmates seem to be allergic to pimento cheese, according to the forms I saw. If I was in jail, I’d be allergic to pimento as well. I’d also be allergic to bologna and liver.
Ashley Remkus |


  1. Anybody can prepare and serve at least one decent meal, if they know ahead of time that company's coming.

  2. I want to believe this is the norm now Ana's been caught starving inmates so she'd have more money to pocket. Wish we could see what was served a year ago.

  3. Starving inmates, you talking about the 85% that gain weight in the Morgan County jail?

    1. Is there any documentation to substantiate that made-up 85% figure? I would think that the only way they can legitimately claim a statistic like that is if they weigh the prisoners when they're first incarcerated, then they also weigh them and record their respective weights on release from the jail.

  4. I just heard Ana started an investigation per Luther Strange claiming the whistleblower was stalking her, broke into her home, messing with her horse trailor and threatening her life. It was apparently assigned to a female investigator. She found nothing of that nature. Sorry Sheriff...your lies are catching up. Just because the whistleblowers have busted your corrupt ass...don't lie about criminal activity when it is not TRUTH. Something you are not used to telling.

  5. As a person who has seen their fair share, I can honestly say that these pictures are not accurate as to what a typical tray looks like. These were certainly "beefed" up. The food is not terrible that is served however I have only seen trays look this full on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Ana never came into the jail and saw what trays looked like so she truthfully has no clue. In fact pretty much anybody that is not an officer or Corporal probably never looks at trays because they never actually do anything in the jail. There are employees who have worked there for a couple years and Ana or anybody in leadership wouldn't even know their name.

  6. Find out how much the Sheriff convinces nonprofits near and far that they need money and donations and how much of the food and supplies is donated. This only further increases the profit in Ana's pocket. Been that way for years.