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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wow! No nasty comments?

Wow! It is hard to start the day with a fresh new blog without finding
nasty comments to wake up to.  It is obvious that the whistleblowers
hit raw nerves almost on a daily basis.  One way that Ana's sidekicks
could avoid making the nasty comments is to simply stop reading the

It is obvious that the whistleblowers are not going to stop blogging
the truth.  What is hard to understand is how some of Ana's thugs can
look the truth in the eyes and still deny it.  Maybe that is because
if the admit the truth they then have to worry about the part they
have played in corruption, destruction of the MCSO through their part
in Ana's games, and through misconduct and or theft on their part.

We tell the story, we show the readers the truth, and then it is up to
the readers to decide what to accept and what to ignore.

We will have to give Franklin an A for effort she has done everything
in her power to find something, anything, or someone to arrest the
darn whistleblowers for wronging her honor.  To date she hasn't been
successful.  Franklin has tried to destroy businesses, families, and
she has used her slime to try portraying us as criminals, dead beats,
pill poppers, drunks, dead beat dads, and much more.  How is that
working for Ana?  Lord knows she has tried.  She has called in favors
from here to Montgomery and when she calls they now say Ana who?  We are now at a time when the folks that once worked proudly with the
MCSO drug task force look at them as if they are a plague.

We need a fresh sheriff that can pull the MCSO back together.  Someone
who can mend the hardships brought on by this administration.  The
entire community will pull together to restore the trust in our law
enforcement agency that was set up to serve and protect the citizens
of Morgan County, Alabama.


  1. Didn't Ana have until sometime in June to press charges against Leon and Glenda? I thought I read the judge was holding out on the federal court case against Ana brought by glenda so Ana had time to "investigate" and bring charges against leon and Glenda ...surely by now if they had done something illegal or wrong they would have been arrested by now, at least one would think.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Removed...good call.

    2. Removed only because I did not have time to post all I wanted to at the time.

    3. I'm sure it was very insightful and well-reasoned.

  3. I hear that Rick Williams was turned down for the Chiefs job at Priceville maybe we can get rid of him and Wilbanks like they did Peebles and Davis

    1. Cil Bailey sure gets tore up about Priceville PD.

  4. This comment above is interesting to say the least.Especially if Sherman wrote it.It is well known that Sherman is very good friends with the Priceville police officers.In fact,that is where the Whistleblower is getting her info on these cops.Just look at Sherman's Facebook.Putting out fake info for Priceville will get you nowhere.Williams is the new police chief.Probably not for long.I hear that he and the others have subpoenas in their future. Lying before a Federal judge will get you time in jail.Will the games played by the MCWB ever end? Relax,the sheriff is a crook.Let Judge Fallon do his job. As for the Priceville cops,give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. Also,nobody believes Herman Davis is gone.Why would the FBI be covering for him? Something smells.I don't believe 95 percent of what I read or hear.I think Davis will be the new Chief.He is lying low for some reason.Must have ratted out some drug people.

    1. Anonymous you are way off. I don't hide behind anonymous or anything like this. When I comment here it is as me. When I have something to say there is no reason to hide. Look at my Facebook call me up or read what little I do post here. None of it will change. None of it really matters at this point as now it's time to begin answering to Federal Judges in court and the like. I have said what I have to say. Proven what I had to prove and done what I had to do. It certainly won't land me behind bars. I really want no bad for anyone. I hate that so many will be so adversely affected by the decisions they made to follow Ana and take part in the criminal actions she has done with her chosen group. I am glad there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel and the Sheriffs Office will have a chance to recover and rebuild after all the fraud waste abuse and other criminal activity that has taken place for so long at the Sheriffs Office. So before anyone ever thinks that I have commented as anonymous, realize the truth that I comment as me, when I do comment. I know what is real and true and all politics aside because I rather not even be involved with the politics I stand for what I know to be true and believe. Therefore why should I hide behind anonymous. No reason at all. See you in court.

  5. Who is Cil Bailey? If she is a real person she can sue you for using her name.I think I have seen that name on here before.That article was posted as anonymous.You need to check your facts.No wonder people don't believe most of what is posted on this blog.

    1. Actually, Cil, you can't sue a person for typing your name, unless it causes you some type of harm. There are some folks around here that actually understand libel laws, and how they are applied.

  6. Who is Cil Bailey? You must have it in for her.Wow you are worried about this sheriff thing.You need to get over your obsession.Just because you want this sheriff gone does not make it happen.She will get a slap on the wrist and be reelected.

    1. Anonymous if this were true there certainly is no justice anymore and the criminals can get away with anything. I know this is not true and so does so many who know the truth and are patiently waiting.

  7. Keep your head high Rick and all the other fallen from her disaster of a Sheriffs office...its all coming to a quick end.