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Monday, June 12, 2017

What's next and where do we go from here

Wow! Lots of nasty comments last night.  No matter how you feel about each of the bloggers, Ana Franklin and her thugs, or the Decatur Daily these comments were brutal.  As for the whistleblowers we are still here.

Many of you question where the Federal Hearing will be held on June 21, 2017.  It is my understanding the hearing with be at the Federal Courthouse, Decatur, Alabama at 1:00 p.m.

Less than two weeks ago the Morgan County Sheriff's Office was inspected by an outside agency that I understand is part of the National Sheriffs Association.  I understand that the inspectors stayed at the jail and they were not impressed with what they observed.

Sheriff Franklin is still claiming that the whistleblowers are under serious criminal investigation.  It seems that Sheriff Ana Franklin continues to make that claim to make her feel better about herself and her thieving ways.  She claims felony investigations against us.  We claim a host of felonies against her, the least of which are the Statements of Economic Interest that she has lied on for the past two years.  How can Franklin face the public with all of her lies looming over her?  Almost every comment she has given the Daily is a lie.  Barney has tried to work his magic by claiming he had a "friend" in the U.S. Attorney General's Office, or he has a sister who is a Federal Judge, or he has friends in high places at the State.  I bet those people wish he would stop throwing their names around.  Especially after Barney admitted to sitting in a meeting where the sheriff and her goons, Blake, Bones, and Powell conspired to get into an office under false pretenses to remove documents and place Key logger software on office computers.

Informants are generally used to buy drugs from known drug dealers, informants are used to buy stolen property, they are not used for law enforcement to give them money to set up a METH lab to secure the arrests of others.  Informants should not be given drugs by law enforcement for the purpose of making a sale to a known drug addict.   Informants should not be used to deceive home owners or business owners by lies and deception to obtain access to their property for the purpose of conducting nefarious activities for law enforcement.

A definition: Criminal informants

Informants are commonly found in the world of organized crime. By its very nature, organized crime involves many people who are aware of each other's guilt, in a variety of illegal activities. Quite frequently, confidential informants (or criminal informants) will provide information in order to obtain lenient treatment for themselves and provide information, over an extended period of time, in return for money or for police to overlook their own criminal activities. Quite often, someone will become an informant following their arrest.]

Informants are also extremely common in every-day police work, including homicide and narcotics investigations. Any citizen who aids an investigation by offering helpful information to the police is by definition an informant.

The CIA has been criticized for leniency towards drug lords and murderers acting as paid informants, informants being allowed to engage in some crimes so that the potential informant can blend into the criminal environment without suspicion, and wasting billions of dollars on dishonest sources of information.

Informants are often regarded as traitors by their former criminal associates. Whatever the nature of a group, it is likely to feel strong hostility toward any known informers, regard them as threats and inflict punishments ranging from social ostracism through physical abuse and/or death. Informers are therefore generally protected, either by being segregated while in prison or, if they are not incarcerated, relocated under a new identity.  

So what did the sheriff’s office have on the informant that broke into the Lockhart business.  The criteria below don’t meet the reasons why Franklin, Blake, Bones, and Powell wanted their informant to deceive the Lockhart's for the purpose of gaining access to their facility.  The informant is now in a successful organization with every opportunity of upward mobility.  Makes you wonder how many times Franklin, Bones, Blake, and Powell have used informants to conduct illegal acts.

Informant motivation:  

Informants, and especially criminal informants, can be motivated by many reasons. Many informants are not themselves aware of all of their reasons for providing information, but nonetheless do so. Many informants provide information while under stress, duress, emotion and other life factors that can impact the accuracy or veracity of information provided.

Law enforcement officers, prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges and others should be aware of possible motivations so that they can properly approach, assess and verify informants' information.

Generally, informants' motivations can be broken down into self-interest, self-preservation and conscience.

A list of possible motivations includes:

Financial reward
Pre-trial release from custody
Withdrawal or dismissal of criminal charges Reduction of sentence Choice of location to serve sentence Elimination of rivals or unwanted criminal associates.
Elimination of competitors engaged in criminal activities.
Diversion of suspicion from their own criminal activities.

Fear of harm from others.
Threat of arrest or charges.
Threat of incarceration.
Desire for witness protection program.

Desire to go straight
Guilty conscience
Genuine desire to assist law enforcement and society

How many lies is Ana going to tell until someone orders her to tell the truth about investigations.  Franklin is the law; we are mere citizens who have to wait to have our day in court while Franklin sits back and lies her big butt off about us.

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  1. Sounds like "Sheriff Lard Ass" has a case of nerves.Wow,I can't say as I blame her.She seems to be the kind of person who needs a lot of attention.Well,she got it! I hope that she is locked up and they flush the key down the toilet.She deserves so much more than what she will get.Yikes,I just had a thought,what if she gets locked up with the people she sent to jail? Even worse,what if she has to eat the slop that she feeds the inmates?