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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What! Will there be no end to the madness

Sheriff Ana Franklin is in the office for the second day in a row.  This is madness, its unheard of, it is scary, and the employees are running for the hills.  If Franklin is in the office, heads are about to roll.  Who is the sheriff about to fire or does she have more sinister intent?

In addition to Sheriff Franklin being in the office, the Decatur Daily is there as well the Southern Center for Human Rights.  What spins will the Commander-in-Thief put out today?  It took Franklin days and nights to bring the kitchen up to snuff so that she could allow the press to eat in the facility. The facility was nasty.  Ana's lead corrections officer in the jail dog cussed any and everybody who were sent in to help her.  Apparently Carrico has yelled and screamed at people her entire life.  The inmates are there to be punished for their crimes, not to be treated like dogs.  Especially when your intent is to impress the press.  They are not there to be dog cussed.

It is evident that Sheriff Franklin has no concept of human rights.  We have hounded the sheriff to hire more corrections officers.  Our reviews of the County Commission minutes reflect that Sheriff Franklin cannot possibly have enough corrections officers to support the mission of the Morgan County Jail.  She clearly has more female corrections officers now than men to support the jail population.  That is not saying anything derogatory about the female corrections officers.  The jail should have adequate male AND female corrections officers to ensure that the female prisoners and male prisoners have the required number of jailers per pod. That has not happened for way too long.

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