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Thursday, June 15, 2017

This isn't the only spin -

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Sheriff Franklin has a few more tricks up her sleeve.  We hear that Franklin plans on announcing her bid for re-election either today or tomorrow via a press conference.  This according to our sources of course.  

It doesn't matter what the sheriff announces or pulls out of her hat today, tomorrow, or in the future. Franklin has still get far more serious issues than the inmate food funds.  She is going to spin and weave all kinds of bull poop but in the end Ana's going to go to jail.  It may be as she has promised that Big Luther "will guarantee I never go to jail in Alabama."   OK! We will give Ana that.  It still doesn't mean that Ana isn't going to jail.  It doesn't mean that the sheriff didn't commit multiple crimes while involved in the Title Marts.  We hear that when it's spring time in Alaska it's 40 below. Maybe Ana should put on her winter coat. 

We have suspected for weeks that she is up to no good.  Nothing she does at this point will make any difference to Sheriff Ana Franklin's run for re-election.   During the class action communications Franklin had with employees and contractor personnel she encouraged them to join a class action law suit against the whistleblowers.    She said she had a couple of things she has to get in place before she announced.  One was the outcome of the inmate food funds.  Like it or not the Sheriff did not win the inmate food fund case; she had to settle.  She was and still is a liar with egg on her face.  The second thing she has to do is to try to get rid of the whistleblowers.  Franklin screwed up because of desperation  to catch the whistleblowers.  She scheduled a meeting and conspired, paid, and collected information on the whistleblowers before getting a warrant.  She committed a federal crime by having the Keylogger software installed and capturing data.  The most stupid thing Franklin did is to allow Justin Powell to deliver the Keylogger software to the informant in the Falkville Fire Department in front of witnesses.  The second stupid thing she did is to leave that task to Powell who has a mouth as big as Ana's.  I am not saying that we will not go to jail but I would still rather my in my shoes than those of Ana Franklin.  If arrested we will bond out and blog again. Ana can't keep a secret.  Everybody in Morgan County knows that.

So Ana is scheduled to announce her bid for re-election tomorrow.  She is waiting on her bucket list to be filled and completed first.  We on the other hand must continue to wait for the powers to be.  

Sheriff's jail meal controversy could end with a $1,000 fine if judge approves settlement

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin's legal battle over jail food money and a $150,000 crooked car lot investment could come to an end with a $1,000 fine, if a proposed settlement is approved.
Franklin and attorneys from the Southern Center for Human Rights have asked a federal judge to hold the sheriff in civil contempt of court and to require she pay a $1,000 fine along with $5,000 in legal fees, according to a joint statement filed in court records.
The proposed settlement also would terminate part of a consent decree that requires the Morgan County Sheriff to spend all food money on inmate meals. The remainder of the consent decree, which required improvements to the jail and monitoring of the facility by the inmate's lawyers, would remain in effect under the proposed settlement. The settlement is pending approval by U.S. District Judge Abdul K. Kallon.


  1. Why is she going to Alaska?
    So, the sheriff paid Glenda's grandson, an employee of the drywall business, to install keylogger software, to capture passwords that he must have already had?
    Once again, you really must think everyone that reads this blog is an idiot.

  2. It's hard to watch this video of a Sheriff clearly lying...stating she didn't know the consent decree didn't apply to her...hell Bill Shin, Lovelace father in law clearly told her it applied to her. She is a very good manipulator...she can spew and spin her words for everyone to believe. But I don't think they believe her anymore.