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Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Good and The Bad

As in all organizations there is good employees and then those that are not so good. Rarely do you have corruption that is bad to the bone.  That's right Bones Wilson, Sheriff Ana Franklin leading man.  Franklin's go to man when she wants something dirty done.  Bones is not alone in his quest to please mamma Ana.  However, those that serve the queen bee are far fewer that the Good employees that work for the Morgan County Sheriffs Office (MCSO).  The bad ones just stand out more because of their corruption.  The whistleblowers are not the only ones that has been done wrong by Franklin's thugs. Many of the hard working MCSO employees both past and present has felt the wrath of the queen bee.  The corrupt ones entire existence is in serving the queen.  They will stick with the queen until the very end.  The end being imminent arrests.  All we can say to that is buzz buzz.

Franklin sucked booger dry.  He isn't as dry as he claims to be but she sucked a lot of money from his pockets to hers.  She left him cold exactly the way she has others before him.  Franklin attaches to her prey as a fresh water leech will attach its self to a its pray and suck the blood out of the prey. Leeches are predatory and remove blood from their victims they also have two suckers, one at each end.

Franklin loves money, lots of money.  When all is said and done I would not be surprised if Franklin has taken over a million dollars from the sheriffs office.  Time will tell when the new sheriff takes office they can demand a forensic audit of the sheriffs office funds. We can forget posse events money.  Finding sheriffs office property is going to be difficult.  The bank records will reflect all the posse gear, and the fanciful stuff that was purchased, but has has all of the junk Franklin has purchased been cataloged and recorded into property?  Does the sheriffs property books reflect what the bank records do?  We doubt it.

I am sure a lot of feedback coming from our posts fuel the nasty comments.  We can take it because we know that a time is coming when the comments will come back to bite some of these people in the butt.  We will be singing there in the jail house now.  Some of you think we are being childish.  We are its our right.  It is a better to laugh and be childish than to steal from others.

Keep up the good work MCSO employees don't let the bad bugs bite.  Somethings are worth waiting on.


  1. Good article Glenda.I needed a laugh.You hit it spot on with the two suckers,one at each end.Just wanted to let you know that the new police chief for Priceville is Rick Williams.He told my husband a short while ago while he was at my house.You know that he is very good friends with corrupt Ana.He is the one that they put on me when I wasn't speeding and he injured my hand.You know of course,that Ana and Ziaja had a hand in that.Williams and Ziaja were big buddies.Last night we met the new Priceville police officer,Smith.He was the former sheriff's deputy.We called and he came out in just a few minutes.We were very impressed.Nice guy,and he did what he could to help,unlike Rick Williams.Keep up the good fight.I believe the end is near.

  2. Despite Ana's best efforts to discredit both Deputies now Officers at Priceville they are both very good and will stand for what is right. They earn their money but moreover know that the job is not about the money they earn but about the public they serve. Devotion and dedication is what they both have. Something Ana will never comprehend.

  3. I am so glad to have someone like Officer Smith around.We feel like he will be there if we need him.We have not met Officer Jones.Too bad they didn't clean them all out,and hire more of the sheriff's deputies.I wish that they would hire Rick Sherman for the new chief.He has a lot of experience,and would be an asset.

  4. I know there are several people who read this who want to see Ana's reaction to June 21st. Can you please share where and when this court case is and others if she has more past this one.

  5. Where has the whistleblowers gone? No stories lately. Is it the calm before the storm or has Ana gotten off with all this?

  6. Well what do you think k about smith killing people for the fun of it ? And I don't think that is nice at all.he needs to be behind bars thanks