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Monday, June 12, 2017

Surprise Surprise

Is there no end to the surprises that come our way today involving the Morgan County Sheriffs Office?

Sheriff Ana Franklin actually made an appearance at the sheriffs office today.  Holy Cow!  This hasn't happened in weeks.

Did Ana fly like a bat out of Hell to get back to Morgan County from South Alabama because she was notified that visitors were coming?  We hear she has lost trust in Berzett's ability to run the jail. Well! Hello Again!  It isn't Berzett's responsibility to run the MCSO jail while Franklin vacations in South Alabama or at home contemplating her next moves against the whistleblowers.

It doesn't matter who has been running the sheriffs office, the budget, writing checks, or who is managing the corrections officers within the jail. The MCSO jail and office is a shambles.

By the time all of this is over Franklin will be hyperventilating into a paper bag.


  1. She was running low on cash and needed to make a withdraw !

  2. That's darn funny!

  3. Actually, it IS the jail administrator and warden's job to run the jail, no matter where, or who, the sheriff is. Stop being obtuse.