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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Selma Police Department Investigation

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Heck Yea! The Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier is doing the right thing.  He requested assistance from the Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) in conducting his investigation into possible corruption within his department.  How honorable is that?  Sheriff Franklin I sure hope you are reading this blog.  It's called weeding out corruption in your department.  

It is a shame that the Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin couldn't do the same thing.  The reason is because she is the primary corrupt person within the sheriffs office.  The sheriff had a lot of help building her crumbling corrupt empire.  Since the sheriff is the corrupt Commander in Chief, she could not possibly report wrong doing to the AG's office and even if she did under ex State Attorney General Luther Strange he would not have taken action on it because it would have implicated him as well.  

It is smart for Chief Collier to take action upfront and weed out those whose sworn oath means nothing to them.

Some of you may remember the name Spencer Collier, the Director of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency who was fired by the ex Luv Gov Robert Bentley.  Bentley another fan of sheriff Ana Franklin lost his job amid corruption, an affair, and for just being down right stupid.

Alabama AG's office, FBI investigating Selma Police Department


  1. Why would the Attorney General,s Office,as well as the FBI,investigate the Selma Police Department and not the corrupt ALEA,Sheriff Ana Franklin,and the corrupt Priceville Police Department.I was informed by someone in the Governor,s office,that we have a new A.G.and so I should try again.Maybe the MCWB should go to see the new A.G.and if there is nothing done ,do as I am going to do and see Governor Ivey or someone in her office.

  2. Maybe they have already investigated, and found no ACTUAL crimes.

  3. Good lord they would find a heck of alot more missing here in Morgan County besides guns...try hundreds of thousands in cash by our highest most greedy law enforcement officer. That's right Sheriff Ana Franklin.