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Friday, June 23, 2017


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Mr. Fredricks, please understand that the inmate food funds are the least of Sheriff Ana Franklin's problems.  If the contempt was the only issue Franklin was facing she would be as happy as a pig in poop. Ana's biggest fear is facing a Federal Grand Jury Indictment on multiple counts. 

Redemption is a very big word to use when speaking of Sheriff Ana Franklin. God provides redemption for all, so does the criminal justice system.  Sheriff Ana Franklin ran on transparency and claimed that she would never take the inmate food funds.  That was just the beginning of her lies. The sheriff was busted for doing the things she said she would not do.   Franklin has no intention of owning reform.  In addition, Sheriff Franklin did not replace the money she took from the MCSO Inmate Food Fund into the official account, instead Franklin deposited the money into a personal account she opened in December 2016.  Franklin opened an Inmate Fund in Cullman, Alabama after the whistleblowers discovered proof that she took the money out of the true MCSO Inmate Food Fund account.  Ana told multiple lies about where she got the money to invest in the Title Marts. Ana told the truth only after it was proven that she was lying about how she got the money.  Ana then demanded the money from a sucker she once associated with. It is safe to say that the inmates nor the source of the payback cash will ever see a dime of that money again.  Franklin is a person who seems to think that if she can figure out a way to take it, she can figure out a way to keep it.  It never crosses her mind that it isn't her money to have.

It is refreshing that Mr. Fredricks believes the archaic system is corrupt.   If any of you out there in blog land happens to know Mr. Fredricks, ask him to read the blog.  If he only knew that the inmate food funds are the least of this sheriff’s problem.  Franklin will get to gain firsthand knowledge of how Federal Laws handle corruption.

Comments from a concerned citizen:  She's too far gone to redeem herself. Second she should have taken the issue to court challenging the court order before she ever took the money Third its too late for her to push for reform and be a poster child for reform. She took and fought to take more. That in her case is talking out of both sides of her mouth. Last she will never do that. She loves the money and that's why she is sheriff and she doesn't want to have enemies in the Alabama sheriffs association.

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