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Friday, June 2, 2017

Readers Comments and Bloggers Comments in Blue

Reader Comment:  You've been spouting for almost two years that the sheriff will be arrested "soon." You claim to have all this undeniable evidence of crimes committed, yet it's always "soon." You talk with state and federal officials and say "soon." I would think just about any prosecutor would be all over this undeniable proof, it ought to be a slam dunk, but you say "soon." You say there's "lots more to come", why aren't those crimes being prosecuted? "Soon" Folks, there ain't no "soon". All their eggs are in one basket, what will they do if the sheriff is found "not in contempt"? It'll be more digging through garbage, creeping around watching houses, and following folks.

Blogger Comments:  First and foremost I do not make it a habit of talking out of turn.  As for the comment about talking to the state and federal officials.  LOL.  When big Luther was the State Attorney General (SAO) multiple Ethics Violations went to the Ethics Committee and to then SAO.  The ethics commission investigates allegations and the results of the investigation are then sent to the SAO to determine prosecution.  The packages we both hand-delivered to Luther Strange and the information we sent to his designated agent went into file 13. In other words, they were trashed.  Ana made it clear in open staff call that she knew about the complaints and brief the contents of the complaints in open staff call.  Ana also bragged that she would never go to jail.  In addition, Ana, Bones, and Blake were all in the same meeting when she conspired to break into the Lockhart's office with their informant; Ana told the informant that she has Luther Strange wrapped around her little finger.  Ana went on to ask the informant if he wanted her to call Luther to prove how close they were.  I mentioned yesterday that I intended to send an Ethics Violation to the State Ethics Commission yesterday.  I am sending out two complaints.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  Now! back to Ana and Big Luther.  Some of Ana's employee experienced a more colorful event between Ana and Luther that makes us believe positively that Ana and Big Luther are tight.

As for any "federal officials" that may or may not be involved in an investigation involving Ana at this point does it really matter who is or isn’t investigating Ana?  I don't know if you mean the Department of Labor, I hope that is the case since Sheriff Ana Franklin has cheated employees out of thousands and thousands of dollars of pay/overtime pay.  If you are speaking of the FBI we will never know if they are investigating.  Their butts are so tight.  Well! you get the picture on that one.  Are you speaking about the Internal Revenue Service?  Could it be Homeland Security?  Hell! I bet it’s the CIA.  Na! they don’t work in the Continental United States (CONUS).  Maybe it’s the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Na! Wouldn’t be them.  As for the U.S. Attorney General's Office, I doubt it’s those folks either.  Damn! wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have gotten Loretta Lynch to open an investigation on Ana during her term?  Maybe the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) is running an investigation on Ana.  Na! That isn't right.  They have four agents that are as tight a tick on a dog back with Ana.  Maybe it is the same agency that is investigating me and my contributors.  Hey! I bet that's it.  Na! That can't be right either.  The agency investigating us is TOP SECRET that the name alone is classified.  

Now! For all of you crybabies out there in Tearsville I guess we will all just have to wait and see what happens next.  Until then I am very happy that you folks enjoy reading the blog so much.  In all truth, you have certainly made the reads entertaining.   

Reader Comment:  Did Strange help Ana like he did Bentley?  

Blogger Comment:  Yep


  1. Ana "tight" where can Ana and tight be used together? Maybe if stuffed in a cell! Tight fit to fit on the small jail beds? Ana and the tight don't go well together even if you are as tall as Luther Strange Lol. The whistleblowers don't know how tight Ana and Luther are! Many saw what happened in Montgomery when Ana was abusing that horse and went into the trailer she hauled down. Had to be tight for Luther in reguard to the trailer as tall as he is, but not Ana.

    1. "Don't come knocking if the horse trailer is rocking"

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