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Friday, June 30, 2017

Linda Ronstadt ~ Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Blogger Comments:  Franklin is playing the poor poor pitiful me spin.  Well! Ana since you have been playing the big people games, taking from the poor to give to you, building homes in South Alabama (probably at tax payer expense), and beating your war drums, surely you will be able to handle the heat of the south without getting the vapors every time something else pops up.  Funny how you try to hide your evil doings but they somehow come oozing out.  You cheated your true friends and followers and they will get to follow you to jail.  You made promises to the Berzett's that you had no intention of keeping.  It is time someone also takes a look at the commissary funds. Which is easy milk money to skim especially with it being whole milk and all.

You expect to be our sheriff again but the citizens of Morgan County have better ideas. You have proven yourself to be the most corrupt sheriff that Morgan County, Alabama has ever known and the surface has not been skimmed yet.  Anyone who knowingly ignores, participates, and gains personally from your corrupt actives will go down with you.  You will go down in Alabama History as a gun toting thief.  Most people cannot afford to build super-expensive homes and have them hidden away.

"In politics stupidity is not a handicap."  Napoleon Bonaparte. 

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