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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Jailhouse snitches

There is always an element of truth when law enforcement uses inmates as jailhouse snitches.  But, what happens when the jailhouse snitches happen to be employees who rat out the sheriff?

Sheriff Ana Franklin is soliciting people to join a class action lawsuit against the whistleblowers.  She is talking to outside attorneys to solicit them to come to Morgan County, Alabama to help her in her endeavor.  I may be wrong but I can't believe that an elected official should be getting involved in encouraging her employees to file a class action lawsuit against someone who is critical of her.  Ana is doing what she has always done.  She is hiding behind her thugs who know damn well that unless they can get rid of the whistleblowers Franklin doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of winning a bid for reelection.  Sheriff Franklin's thugs and thugamuffins know that when Sheriff Ana Franklin's final curtain call comes either through arrests or through being beaten in her next bid for sheriff they will not have jobs.  Franklin's thugs have reason to worry.

Sheriff Ana Franklin has worked her butt off to stop the whistleblowers and to date, all of her efforts have failed.  Alas, nothing will stop Sheriff Franklin from using her employees for her own personal gain.  These are the same employees she has cheated out of thousands of dollars of overtime and regular time.  These are the same employees that she uses the F-Bombs on when she gets pissed.  These are the same employees that during the good times she wants them to call her Mamma Ana.  Well! mamma Ana it may be unethical for you to solicit for you to solicit employees to do your dirty work.  Get a grip sheriff and fight your own dirty battles.

To help Ana figure out how to pick her battles if she wants to win the war we did a little search for her.

Blogger Comments:  Lesson number one, Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Never use your employees to solicit a class action lawsuit.  Fight your own battle.  You are showing the characteristics of a true coward.

Any moment in life can turn into a heated argument, but most shouldn't. Conversely, you may not have the energy or confidence to stand up for yourself when it matters. Whether you fight too much or too little, you have a problem choosing your battles. Here's how to choose your battles and get what you want when it actually matters.
I was raised by a devil's advocate father and a mother who likes to stand up for the little guy, so I'm naturally inclined to take the opposite side of most points...whether I agree with them or not. While it's good to see things from other perspectives, it's horrible to argue them all. You can forego stress for yourself and others by approaching conflict both at the right times and more effectively. While I've learned a few things from my experience of changing my ways as a conflict-seeking individual, I'm no expert. I spoke with relationship and family therapist Roger S. Gil to find the best approaches to better conflict. In this post we'll discuss how it's done.
Learn Where Your Line of Conflict Should Lie
We all feel anger, but whether or not we act on it depends on a number of factors. Among them, confidence and forethought play a large role. Sometimes our anger gets the best of us, and we argue without thinking it through. Other times, we don't feel confident enough to argue effectively when we should. To start solving this problem, you need to find where you draw the line between letting something go and engaging in conflict.
Blogger Comments:  So! What would Ana do in the above-mentioned paragraph.  Call good ole Bones and Robinson, or solicit employees to do her dirty work.  Your line of conflict is with the whistleblowers.  Why? Because we anger you, we get the best of you, we told truths about you that cannot deny.
Finding your "line" means considering how others will react to your choices and how you feel about those results. For example, if you avoid most battles and you're perfectly happy with that, your line may be fine just where it is. If you fight too many battles and upset a lot of people in the process, however, you probably need a behavioral shift. Roger suggests keeping track and analyzing what happened to figure out what's problematic and what isn't:
Blogger comments:  You should have considered how others would feel when you solicited them to file a class action lawsuit.  Are you doing this for your employee, or is this all about you?  We have the answer to that and we can prove it. 
I have often had clients use journals or log sheets as ways of doing a "post-game analysis" of days where battles (or potential battles) occurred. Each entry should say what happened, how they did/didn't deal with the situation, the outcome of how they dealt with it, and whether or not they liked the outcome. More often than not, similarities emerge across the various sections of each entry after about seven to 10 of them (e.g. they may notice that they tend to pick battles more often with family members instead of colleagues). There are usually patterns among the type of situations we ignore/confront, the people that push our buttons, and how we chose to deal with the situations. Desired changes to our style of choosing battles can then be identified after we have our behavioral baseline.
When figuring out where you need to adjust, look for patterns. When you start to see yours emerge, you'll find it much easier to make the necessary behavioral changes and feel better about the battles you pick.
Blogger Comments:  The above-mentioned paragraph in red is critical.  Sheriff Franklin should look for patterns.  Sheriff Franklin has a character trait that emerges each time she hears the whistleblowers name.  Like Marie Laveau Sheriff Franklin screams like a banshee, her eye starts twitching, and then the next thing you know another jailer, clerk, or deputy done gone.
What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Battles
Finding your line of conflict makes the largest difference, and your style of conflict is a personal decision. However, a few commonalities exist in most approaches. Roger suggests you should ask yourself this question every time: "is the situation so distressing that it needs to be addressed?" Your answer will help you avoid undesirable reactions:
Blogger comments:  Those undesirable reactions are called knee jerk reactions.
Whether you're avoidant or aggressive, it's important to have an answer to this question before deciding how to act upon the situation. Taking the time to answer the question should also help us avoid knee-jerk reactions that usually contain more emotion than rational thinking.
Asking yourself a question, in general, works well because it makes you think. This is especially important when you're feeling emotional. If your emotions get in the way of logic, questions will help draw you back to reality. However, your emotions aren't the only part of the equation. Roger stresses that you ought to consider your relationship with the other party as well:
Blogger Comments:  Reality Ana.  Fight your own damn battles.  Consider your relationship with the bloggers.  Our relationship is with you and your thugs.  Not the hard working people who work for the MCSO.
Is it a relative, employer, friend, etc.? We may have to put up with some stuff if the person is an authority figure (as long as we aren't being abused, that is). With people that are close to us, the decision to act or ignore isn't so simple. One has to develop a sense for when choosing a battle with that person is healthy versus harmful and a sense for when ignoring it is acceptable versus enabling negative behavior. Unfortunately developing both senses takes trial and error since only experience can teach each one of us how to get along in our respective worlds.

Blogger Comments:  You are an authority figure, Sheriff Ana Franklin.   You should not use your employees for personal gain.  When you use your employees to solicit a class action law suit you are doing it for personal gain.  You need to stop the whistleblowers because we stand in your way of re-election as sheriff of Morgan County, Alabama.
When you think about your approach and consider the other party, you'll have a much easier time deciding whether to fight or whether to just let something go.
Fight Constructively
You shouldn't fight any battle if you can't do so constructively. If your goal is to hurt or just express your anger, you're fighting for the wrong reasons. Every single argument you have ought to aim to improve an undesirable situation. Roger explains how to do this:
Blogger Comments:  Our goal is to inform the public about corruption within they MCSO.  Our goal is to rid the sheriff’s office of the corruption that has plagued the county for the past six years.  Anger will always result in undesirable situations.  Plus it isn’t healthy.
Another thing I tell my clients when helping them learn how to choose their battles is to remain "solution-focused". In other words, "don't pick a battle or ignore a situation until you know what outcome you'd like." Keeping your eyes on the solution can help you avoid becoming embroiled in an emotional conflict and it can help avoidant people push toward change instead of listening to their fears. When focusing on solutions, a person should consider whether or not their desired solution is fair to all parties involved and the points where they are willing to make concessions.
Focusing on an ideal outcome for all parties turns a battle into more of a productive debate, and that's exactly the goal you ought to have for each and every argument.
Practice Makes Perfect
Most skills require practice before you're any good. The importance of practice in choosing your battles cannot be understated: it is exceptionally important. While we can offer up tips and suggestions, changing your behavior and understanding the behavior of others requires effort. You'll need to try and fail a lot, then learn from your experiences. You can't walk away after reading this post and expect your conflict aptitude to rise to genius levels. That said, these tips should give you a starting point to choosing your battles better. Use them as a starting point, track your behavior, and practice. When things start getting better and you feel less stress, you'll know you're on the right path.
Blogger Comments:  This is your battle Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Not that of your employees, family, and friends.
For the folks that have not yet contacted us the solicitation from the sheriff for a class action lawsuit falls within the criteria of the Alabama State Ethics Commission which I will be filing later today.   If you are interested in filing your own Ethics violation please see the contact information below.   
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  1. You sound...scared.

  2. It's sad when you know the moves and can predict what Ana is doing to the point you can try to catch them up to speed feeding crumbs. It's like a marathon and Ana's lies and deceit is causing her to fall way behind. Trying to coach and let her catch up a little bit just to be sporting. She can't because she can't deal with the truth and the consequences of her own actions, so she continues to fall behind. I for one know Glenda is not scared. Ana has wreaked havoc on the Sheriffs Office and citizens of this county, but it all will soon end. Will she run? Will she be arrogent enough to throw her name in and try to raise money for her campaign when her name won't likely appear on the ballot? As she and her ever decreasing number of limited supporters she still has tries to deflect and redirect it is amazing watching how people close to this act. So many are finally seeing the light. It's not just Ana and those that chose to follow her that are worried but others are worried and scared now as well as they try to distance themselves. Scare tactics by Ana and others are not working. Less and less people are fearful of Ana, Barney and her thugs as they slither down the path to the inevitable in which they face. So many court appearances to come and the stall tactics by Ana are not working as well as she hoped. She has said if she goes down she won't go alone, So let's see if that was also one of her arrogant lies. Will she have the ability to follow through with her threats? With as much as this blog and those behind it have exposed your comment of saying Glenda looks scared is really weak at best. Who in their right mind would say Glenda is scared? This is her blog and as much research as she has done and undeniable facts have been put out how can anyone say she is scared? What about all the facts not put out but shared with others. This is what people should be worried or scared about. Glenda nor others involved will be prisoner to fear in any of this. The only ones who will become prisoners to fear or otherwise is those criminals who have been exposed. Prisoners to the truth. More and more see a glimps of it either personally or through the small portion shared on this blog. Keep up the good work Glenda and all those who assist her and provide all the valuable information.

  3. Rick, if you would spend as much effort being a decent person as you spend on this vendetta you'd be way ahead, probably gainfully employed by now. Make no mistake, Rick, this is a vendetta, it's just you are fighting Glenda's battle for her. You're a pawn. Sheriff Franklin should have fired you, many times, but she was kind enough to allow you to resign, to keep that off your work record. You know this is true, and so do allot of others. In hindsight, she should have made it all public, let your transgressions be known, but she did you a favor. Mistake. Eventually, you'll become a liability, Glenda will throw you straight under the bus, she is only interested in revenge.

  4. Hey! Isn't that what Ana does? Wasn't Rick once a big support? Ana doesn't use a bus she uses a freight train.

  5. Rick Sherman certainly wasn't thrown under a bus, or train. He was protected far too many times. Rick is 100% responsible for losing his job, he certainly wouldn't want his actions revealed on this blog. Many know the exact reasons, but hold their tongue because they understand that he is a pawn to Glenda. To reveal all, would injure innocents.

  6. Well who is Rick and what has he done? I have seen Glenda as the blog business woman who had her rights violated and does this blog but who is Rick? Why does he matter? Is he one bringing facts shared here? Some people comment so bad here but not so much on Decatur Daily or Forget this blog just look online at stories. It's clear this Sheriff though she could get away with it and then lies to cover it up. Very typical. So how did Rick help Ana commit these crimes?

    1. Rick Sherman, former deputy turned patsy for Glenda Lockhart. Since he left the sheriff's office he's been creeping around, following people, taking pictures, and trying to draw more folks into Glenda's bizarre obsession. He's been all over this state chasing leads for Glenda's investigation. Since he doesn't have a job, I'll assume Glenda is paying him to do her legwork (gag).

    2. This is only part right. Not sure patsy would be right word. He is working. And I am one of the ones he brought in. I don't do anything with the blog. Never have other than read and make a comment every once in awhile. He did not introduce me to a blog. He introduced me to something much bigger. I am pretty sure he is delighted to see the negative comments. Must mean he is doing something right to get Ana and supporters to attempt to bash and belittle him. I know for a fact he and this blog both have the upper hand in this. And beyond this blog, I know who does have all things Morgan County within reach of the real long arm of the law. It's funny watching the Ana supporters do their thing here as it's clear that Rick has been, the bloggers have been, the news media has been all proven correct. Ana told so many lies in the news and interviews someone convinced her to stop because she was hanging herself. Does not matter what you think or try to make others think I know I was able to turn over things to people who I know can and will be able to make good and put Ana in jail for it. I am not the only one. Bottom line is Ana is despicable and desperate and wants to try to trash those who helped take her down before she goes to jail. Reading here I wonder if it's Ana herself making last ditch efforts. She thinks she can protect herself? Everyone who knows anything about this knows Ana's strongest trait, she is a liar and so is her bitches that run with her. Too late they are all jail bait and they know it's coming. Big Bubba waiting on them in jail. Maybe when it happens to them they get treated like someone I know who was taken advantage of sexually and no one did anything and everyone knew. Rick Sherman and Lockhart are not the only ones standing for the truth. It seems like there are many fewer that stand against them, than those who stand with them from behind the scenes. It seems we all have the same question, it is not if, it is when?

    3. Well Said!!