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Thursday, June 15, 2017

It ain't over till the fat lady sings

I have been overwhelmed with calls this morning from folks who believe that Sheriff Ana Franklin received a slap on the wrist for illegally taking the inmate food funds and then paying the money back.  That may be true at least in the eyes of some.  I really can't believe that anybody thought a sheriff in the State of Alabama would receive anything more stringent than Franklin received.

Once Judge Kallon rules the legal decision is rendered and we must accept the judge's decision.  As we have said all along THIS IS THE LEAST OF SHERIFF ANA FRANKLIN'S problems.  Please give Ana and her thugs this moment as we look towards the future of our County.

You can imagine right now Barney is dancing a jig.  Keep reading........

The bottom line is Ana lied her ass off and she got caught.  The Decatur Daily knows it, you know it, and we know it.   Folks, just remember Ana may get away with using inmate food funds which is all that we are talking about.  There was a lot of other funds to partake of.


  1. So the Atlanta attorneys agree that they didn't have a leg to stand on, and they just want to get paid for their time. You see folks, these attorneys are only interested in getting paid, they were just running a shakedown.
    Looks like the whistleblower credibility has taken a huge hit.

  2. Credible or not, you're still reading it. And you'll just keep doing it. Whistleblower love, Whistleblower hate? Either way, you still can't get enough of it.

  3. If Ana Franklin was so right in her opinion to take the food money, why did she not do it legally in court? Since the claim is that she has fed the inmates properly and has a right under Alabama law to pocket the money, why did she not present her case in court before she took? The reason I suspect is she was afraid she would be turned down and lose the case, so she decided to be deceitful and open a bank account in Cullman. When confronted about the loan to the Title Mart she didn't say the money came from the surplus food fund, she said it came from retirement savings.

    Then changing the story to she took due to an FDIC limit on the account, to OK thanks to the whistle blower blog I must reveal I took from the food surplus. Then after her last hearing yet another version, claiming she was out of pocket $21,000.00 providing food for the inmates, so she took $160,000 and invested $150,000 in the Title Marts in order to get the $21,000.00 back, mind you she has never said what happened to the remaining $10,000.00 that she didn't invest. Would it not have been ( I am no math scholar) much simpler and more understanding just to take the $21,000.00 that she verbally claims she was out of pocket for, than $160,000? OF COURSE! But she wants us all to believe this was done in good faith and above board.

    Got news for yall in Morgan County, she will be sheriff for as long as she wants. As history has shown she has supporters who turn blind eyes to unethical behavior. What this Sheriff is saying to her staff that struggles to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck who do the dirty work, who make the sheriff look good is that she just can't live on the Sheriff's salary of $68,000.00 a year. A salary she knew that was in place when she ran. She is also telling them as well as those that supported her in her first campaign that her platform was a lie. She scolded then Sheriff Bartlett for taking the food money, she said she would never take a dime, and yet the first thing after being elected was to ask a county attorney if the court order applied to her, and he said yes it did and that she could not take any food surplus money. Yet with that she ignored the opinion, and ignored a court order which violates her oath of office.

    Now with this apparent victory, which is disturbing because now she will be signing all the way to the bank and LAUGHING, and maybe even open an account in Morgan County while she gets rich on taxpayers dollars.She will soon and arrogantly so, announce her candidacy for sheriff and will attack anyone else who runs and gets in her way so she can continue to spend taxpayers dollars any way she pleases. How dare anyone question her, and if another candidate for office challenges her with legitimate issues she and her supporters will cry... HOW DARE THEY CRITICIZE THE BEST SHERIFF EVER IN MORGAN COUNTY!! THIS IS MUD SLINGING!! Who knows, anyone that runs against her and challenges her have the home or business searched, just like she did to the whistle blower. Ethics and Integrity have taken a backseat to greed as well as the oath of office. Yet Morgan County you will vote her in again, and live with the consequences. After all, she is the best sheriff ever right?

  4. How stupid the whistleblower and her posse must feel right now, probably not half as stupid as they look to everyone. I am sure they can say "stay tuned folks, there is more to come", yeah right. I bet what's yet to come is Glenda being arrested and charged. Keep up the good work.

  5. More to come or not, you're still reading it. And you'll just keep doing it. You really can't get enough of it.

  6. Morgan County Citizens are well aware of what this Sheriff has don't to our County. She has let the County down...lied...cheated...stolen hard taxpayers money. Money that should have gone to's gone to felons car lots and attorneys getting rich protecting her. So not right, but trust me the word is out and this arrogant lying woman would never win again as Sheriff. In fact I would be embarrassed to show my face in Morgan County knowing the public is fully aware of my wrongdoings. With Ziaja out of the picture who would even fund your campaign...Steenson out of picture...would Morgan County taxpayers have to pay for that too? Hope not.