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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Issues Resolved

Blogger Comments:  Mr. Fredricks' heart is clearly in the right place by believing that Sheriff Ana Franklin can redeem herself and fight for reform.  However, after reading the Decatur Daily this morning on the Morgan County Commission and Sheriff Ana Franklin's stance to get the Southern Center law firm out of their knickers it appears that reform is the last thing on their minds.  Reform is business as usual in Morgan County, Alabama.  Ray Long made it perfectly clear months ago that he has no desire to feed the inmates; it is not his problem.  We are grateful that the inmates are now receiving nutritional meals.  How long will it last?  Does Ray Long care?  We in today's society are all about 'now'.  Right now! We have no interest in looking at the history of the Morgan County Jail and the sheriff's long history of taking money that was meant for the prisoners.  Surely the commission doesn't believe that Mama Ana did nothing wrong.  She was found in contempt.  A slap on the hand is better than no slap at all but will it keep Franklin's hands out of the cookie jar?  The sheriff didn't even put the money back into the MCSO inmate food fund.  Franklin placed the money in her personal account she named Inmate Funds. Time will tell if any of those monies are returned to the MCSO food fund account.  We doubt it.  

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