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Monday, June 26, 2017

From the Alabama Sheriff's Association FaceBook

Blogger Comments:  More people should voice their opinions on the Alabama Sheriffs Association Website.

I know I won't make any friends with the Alabama Sheriff's Association, but the 1939 law that allows a sheriff to pocket leftover inmate food funds as income has got to be changed. The various salaries of a sheriff in the state of Alabama needs to be enough pay to serve the public. It has been lifted from the Consent Decree in Morgan County, and the sheriff can now pocket leftover inmate food money. I don't agree with the antiquated law and never have. 
 Just as the inmate food money law needs to be changed, the opportunity for a sheriff's department to make money off of law-abiding citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment right has got to end. Permit fees are wrong. You don't pay to be able go to church. You don't pay to be able to speak. No one should pay a fee for the right to bear arms. Please share with everyone you can. I know there are many others that agree.

BobbyandWanda Nunnally If it's changed, the county has to pick up the tab.!
Scott Owens Debi Sormrude That is how it works. But when it does meet budget or under, the money should stay in an account for budget shortfalls, not kept as income. There has been a lot of money over the years kept as income by feeding as cheaply as possible. It is the sheriff's choice and some sheriff's in the state choose not to.
Brady Rodgers The system invites, practically begs corruption. An already corrupt and dishonest sheriff will simply take even more advantage of the antiquated system.
June 23 at 8:40pm
Lisa Feher Can't believe it
David Ladewig The Sheriffs have been legally stealing that money for decades. In spite of the claims by the sheriffs, the malnutrition in their gulags is akin to a third world prison. Sheriff Sweet Thang, Anna, will have that money stolen in a week even with her corrupt spending of it recently. The issue is that there aren't enough legislators with the guts to change it.
Jerome Stewart Didn't know that...
Jerome Cobb Amen brother you are tell the truth. You not going to make many friends. But someone has to step up and put an end to this.
June 24 at 3:07pm
Brian Barnes If you pledge to be a strictly Constitutional sheriff, as you've indicated above, you certainly have my vote, and I will be sure to promote you to everyone I know. I'm sick of our county being embarrassed, and our rights being sold to us under the gui...See More
June 24 at 5:04pmEdited
Scott Owens Within my first week, the permit price will drop $5. Then $5 per year until it is no cost to someone wanting to exercise their right to carry.
June 24 at 5:08pm
Ann Guthery Sounds only right.We agree with you Scott.
Heath Terry Truth always prevails in the end !!! Great post Scott !
June 24 at 4:09pmEdited
Marie Hancock Thats just not right

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