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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Everyday is a new day

The way whistleblowers report corruption is through pen and paper.  We do not stalk, break in homes, try to kill or maim, or tampering with vehicles.

A lot has been said about Ana Franklin's attempts to find someone to stop the whistleblowers by conducting an outside investigation.  Here is what we know from our sources:  You tried to solicit Limestone County, Marshall County, Lawrence County, and Cullman County to do your dirty work.  Each agency turned you down.  Our sources tell us that you went to the State to obtain an outside investigation on your behalf.  Not even Strange Luther would lift a finger in your behalf.  Sounds like you're radioactive.  No one wants to be contaminated by your presence.

Our sources tell us you claim that you are being stalked, that we tried to kill you, we have been in your house, and that we tampered with vehicles.    Really Franklin?  If the whistleblowers did all you say we did you don't need an outside investigator. Remember Franklin you are the sheriff, at least for now.  You had the ability to brazenly break into an office and steal documents and place Keylogger software on computers.  If you had any evidence to substantiate your lies we would all be in jail and you would not need an outside agency to "investigate" the whistleblowers.

BTW our sources tell us that at one time you had a female out of Huntsville covering your back. That lady is no longer able to cover your back.  Sources say that the lady is very close to Billable Barney.  Nice try, Barney.  

Could it be that you continue to lie to delay Federal Lawsuits against you?  Or maybe you just can't help it.  


  1. Did the lady that's been watching Ana's back have a husband that died a few years ago? He was one of Billable Barney's best friends, wasn't he? I've heard the same thing.

    1. A couple of random comments. How many anonymouses are there? Sometime it looks like Anon is talking to his/herself. Well, here's another one.
      And the other thing is the ability of Ana to be so successful in reeling in powerful men. What could her secret be? Certainly not her beauty which has faded. Not her intellect. Her own lawyer claimed in court she couldn't understand the court order which was pretty clear to most of us. The late, great J. Edgar Hoover gained power by collecting dirt and threatening powerful people, including presidents, with exposure. That can't be it. Ana's fellas can't run a wiretap without getting caught.
      I think I have it. I was reading a police procedural the other day and a character was describing his ex-wife and he said: She could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. That's the only reason I married the b*tch.
      You think that's it, the reason for her suckcess?

  2. Glenda being such an upstanding person, I'm sure she'll be along in a few minutes to delete these filthy comments. With her thousands of followers, there are probably many young folks who ready this blog. No way Glenda would want them subjected to such trash.