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Friday, June 30, 2017

Decatur Daily Poll

Blogger Comments: It is clear that a lot of people do not believe that Sheriff Ana Franklin has proven that her first and foremost goal is to run the jail without taking inmate food funds or any other funds for that matter.  Franklin takes the money as if it is her own. It is clear Franklin is selfish and self-centered.  If Franklin had learned her lesson she would not have placed the money she borrowed from her own personal inmate fund account.

The request for relief of oversight by the Feds is all about money and dropping the number of required employees at the sheriff's office.  Who is going to oversee the operation of the jail, the County Commission?  Doubt it.  The county commission receives copies of the checks written at the sheriff's office.  Had Mr. Long been paying attention he would have known before anybody else that Franklin was sticking her hands in multiple MCSO bank accounts.   

Mr. Long could have self-reported the incidents to outside sources.  Ray took the same stance of ignorance is bliss as he took when a sheriff's office employee sent him a complaint against Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Long took the written complaint and gave it back to the sheriff for action.  There appears to be more than one fox in the hen house. However, more and more employees are taking their concerns directly to the state and further.  They may get somewhere since Sheriff Franklin's biggest supporter big Luther is no longer in a position to listen to her poor poor pitiful me complaints.  Way to go, Josh. You did the right thing.

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