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Friday, June 23, 2017

Decatur Daily Comments on the article - Sheriff Wins

Blogger Comments: It always amazes me that even after Franklin was held in contempt by Judge Kallon some of you want to blame Retired Federal Judge U.W. Clemon for being "wrong".  Even more amazing is the fact that Franklin was found in contempt of court which means she is guilty. Look it up.  

Prisoners punishment is being in jail not being deprived of nutritional meals.  The contempt finding against Franklin is the least of her problems. The thing that keeps Franklin up until two or three o'clock in the morning is something she has no control over and believe it or not it isn't the morgancountywhistleblowers.  Ana's biggest fear is facing a Federal Grand Jury Indictment on multiple felony charges.  

What are you folks going to say once Franklin is arrested?  Are you going to blame it on the whistleblowers?  George makes the comment that "Remember the prisoners chose the life of crime." Remember those words George you will have an opportunity to relive those words again in your mind.  Will you say, well she chose the life of crime, or will you continue to live in denial?  

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George Harvey 
The prisoners should get the food that has the required daily nutrition and calories. Have not heared of malnutrition being an issue. Remember the prisoners chose the life of crime.
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Bill Wood 
I agree Janice and I understood the point you were making. Mistakes are made, but intentionally trying to cover them up is wrong. It's too bad that U W. Clemon doesn't admit he was wrong in his judgement.

Sam Cat 
This whole thing is based on money which is supposed to be used to provide adequate nutrition for people who broke the law and are in jail. How bout this . . don't break the law and this will not be an issue. I have zero sympathy for someone who violates the rights of others but yet claims they don't get a 3 course meal.

Bill Wood 
To think that the inmates are going hungry is asine. The law allows for the sheriff to to feed the inmates and to keep the leftover monies. The former sheriff was the victim of an over zealous newspaper writer and a racist judge. Change the law, but don't selectively persecute those that take advantage of the statute that gives them that right.

Pamela Blakely 
I agree Bill!

Janice Pointer 
I voted for her. I supported her. She should be removed from office. Either by impeachment or by the voters. Disgraceful and embarrassing.

Gayla Wynn 


Gayla Wynn 


J. T. 

Susan Smith 
Beyond the issue of her illegal action, this is a more startling moral failure. You have one job: house and care for inmates. It's unconscionable to fail to provide food when it is clearly within your power to do so. To spend that money on a personal expense instead? Unforgivable in a government official.

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