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Monday, June 12, 2017

CORRECTED - Southern Center for Human Rights - CORRECTED

I understand representatives from the Southern Center for Human Rights is back at the Morgan County Jail again this week.  All we can say is Now What?

We have been told that the jail does not have the personnel to properly support the number of inmate ration to the number of required jailers on any of the shifts.  The sheriffs office didn't have enough employees to properly staff the old jail.  What is going on?  Why can't the sheriff get her operation functionally properly?

We cannot verify the number of new sheriffs office employees because the county commission has not put out the minutes of the commissions meetings since April 20, 2017.  What's up with that?

On another note it looks like I stand to be corrected.  Please see below the date and time of the Federal Court Contempt hearing for Sheriff Ana Franklin.


  1. Southern Poverty Law Center, when did they get involved? Now there's 2 law firms running a shakedown in Morgan County?

  2. A shakedown. How about doing their job as directed by the federal court. Oh yes you Ana folks don't believe these things apply to you!

  3. Hell she doesn't believe she has to follow a Federal Judges order. Retired Federal Judge Inge Johnson told Ana and Barney she highly suggested she turn Mr. Keys termination into a resignation. (A ten year MCSO LT>) Did she do it? Hell no but she lets her felon son in law resign.

  4. Its about all the employees this woman has ruined...really Leon Brandley? Good Christian over. Resign