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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Continued Deception - How Far Will Ana Go to Stop The Whistleblowers?

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So! Ana how are you going to get rid of us?  Better hurry! It's time to campaign again.  The attached documents reflect that Sheriff Franklin requested that the sheriff of Etowah County, Alabama conduct a criminal investigation of Warden Leon Bradley.  The document states that Lockhart received information from Warden Leon Bradley but that Lockhart was not under investigation. See para 2 of the below document but they may be able to get something against Lockhart at some point. 

Franklin illegally obtained electronic and hard copy documents by paying an informant to gain access to the Lockhart business through lies and deception.  The informant videoed the office, printed emails, copied documents, and placed Keylogger software on the computers.  The Keylogger software was provided to the informant by Morgan County sheriff’s employee Justin Powell.  Powell provided the informant the Keylogger software on a thumb drive and gave him instructions for installing the software.  Powell told employees at the sheriff’s office what he had done for the sheriff.   Franklin paid the informant for his services. One week later Franklin deceptively obtained a legal search warrant to gain access to the Lockhart business to legally get what she had already taken. With warrant in hand Franklin took all electronic devices from the business and boxes of documents.  The computers contained contractor sensitive information, attorney privileged information, as well as communications with Warden Bradley.  Most of the information they took they had already received through their informant.

Franklin made three copies of the computer hard drives.  The CPUs were never secured in property or evidence rooms: they were housed in Powell's office.  How do we know this?  Yep! The honest people who work for the sheriff.  Two weeks later, after plenty of time and opportunity and motive (!),  Franklin sent a mirrored copy of the hard drives to a Forensic Group in Marshall County, Alabama.   Bradley and Lockhart was never charged with any illegal activity from the electronic files.  The business went through an audit which was found favorable to the business.  Franklin then sent sensitive information to an outside agency in attempt to shut the Lockhart business down.  The audit identified minor infractions that the business corrected.  Another setback for Ana.  She expected heads to roll and for Lockhart to be arrested. Still Franklin continues to insist that Lockhart is under criminal investigation and/or may be caught up in the Bradley investigation.

Paragraph 3. states that the defendants Ana Franklin contends that the search warrants issued by the Circuit Court of Morgan County, Alabama for Bradley's home and the Lockhart business are the subjects of the complaint in this action, and the documents, data and information seized from the execution of the search warrants are a part of the continuing active and ongoing criminal investigation.  Hello Ana! Really!  You are using documents and more in an investigation against Leon Bradley that you paid an informant to copy before you obtained a warrant.  I hope Bradley's attorney is all over this.  These are your words in the attached document not ours. 

Franklin's position is that the continued investigation into this matter may mean that there could be possible charges being brought against other individuals, including Lockhart.  Using the same illegally obtained documents you had an informant take before you received an illegal warrant.  How much of that information did you get before the warrants was obtained?  

Franklin has made statements that another of the whistleblowers is under criminal investigation, yet she had to admit in the past two weeks that the whistleblower is not under criminal investigation.  More Ana lies.

The question is, how can the Etowah county sheriff use anything that came out of the Lockhart's office since Franklin had copies made of hard-copy documents and placed Keylogger software on the computers one week before she obtained a legal warrant.  The informant spent hours in the Lockhart office making copies of documents that was housed in the boxes in the Lockhart office.

Franklin of all people claims that Lockhart is suing for the money and to destroy her.  Franklin of all people should know that the plaintiff never "wins" in Federal lawsuits against law enforcement. Follow the stats.  

Bradley and Lockhart would have to be Sheriff Ana Franklin to get away with corruption and lying to a federal judge.  Something neither of them would do.

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