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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ana's Stash

Thank You, Cindy Pulaski, for sharing information with the wrong person at the wrong time and letting one of Ana's lies slip.  The people of Morgan County wrongly believe that Sheriff Ana Franklin paid the inmate food funds back.  Ana was successful in letting us believe she replaced the money when all she did was put some money to the side in an account and call it food money.  Even the Decatur Daily did not pick up on this one.

If you recall a few months back we posted the counter checks that Ana wrote on the Inmate Food Account and the check she wrote to Title Mart for $150,000.00.  Bilious Billable Barney and Sheriff Ana Franklin conducted an interview or gave comments to the Decatur Daily stating that Franklin had not used the money; she only moved it to Traditions Bank in Cullman, Alabama because of a host of reasons to include fees associated with FDIC.  We can't help but wonder ANA HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NOW HAVE IN THE TRADITIONS ACCOUNT?

Ana and Cindy are laughing their asses off at us for being so stupid. They are bragging about their little lie that got past the whistleblowers, and everybody else who believes in the foundation of our country.  Our country and our government agencies are founded and built on trust. Trust that our governing agencies and our elected officials will run their offices with honesty and integrity.

Ana Franklin cannot spell honesty and integrity but she sure as hell can say Ha! Got you again.  Ana's lies are great and wonderful until you she gets caught. With Ana saying "see how stupid these people are? I got them again." Sheriff Franklin may have won the battle of the inmate food funds, which she can legally take now, but she hasn't won the war.

That is why Ana and her thugs have been jumping up and down on the comments calling us disparaging names.  Laughing their butts off at us.

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