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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ana should love this one

Blogger Comments:  Inmates receive tablet computers, Wi-Fi for education, phone calls but minimal food based on how honest their sheriff is.  The MCSO inmates will be educated but hungry unless the legislature can push an outdated 1932 law.  Oh well! As it turns out this plan appears to be prisons only.  Ana can keep overcharging inmates for commissary items and pocketing the money at her leisure.  One of our sources spoke to an inmate who told them that Franklin has a week spot for inmates with drug issues, distributors, and manufacturing charges; that these are her trustees of choice.  The inmates are paid with debit cards and some of them are walking out of jail with up to $12,000.00 dollars on their debit card without paying a dime on their court cost and fines.  Timothy Allan Hall will come out of jail with approximately $24,000.00.  Limestone County and the victim's fund may never see a dime of the money Hall owes them.  Ana screws the county again.  All for the love of certain inmates.  What makes these inmates so special when those in for child support just want to pay up and get out of jail.  

Alabama plans to supply prisoners with tablet computers, Wi-Fi for education, phone calls

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