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Monday, June 26, 2017

Ana Bought a Plane?

Blogger Comments:  Sheriff Ana Franklin registered a Cessna Aircraft on March 11, 2015.  The craft is a CESSNA Fixed Wing built in 1965.  The plane sits at Pryor Field and sits in pieces. Clearly not flight worthy.  We understand the plane may have been purchased in South Alabama. There is no telling how much money Franklin paid for this aircraft.  More fraud, waste, and abuse along with the $1.7M in military surplus that was purchased.  Very little of the equipment purchased by Franklin is functional.  

Deputies without raises for years, needing equipment, gear, and both lapel cameras and dash cams. This administration has been all about Ana.  It is time to turn the pages and get a sheriff in office who has the desire an ability to serve and protect the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama. 


  1. Once again, your ignorance is shining brightly for all to see. All equipment acquired through the 1033 program is free. FREE. Claiming this sheriff has spent $1.7 million in this program is quite simply a lie. As had been said before, you obviously think everyone that reads this blog is an idiot, that will believe any lie you post.

  2. Receiving a large amount of surplus property does not mean that amount was paid. Check with the agencies listed, each of them have property but all it cost then was the price of the gas to have it hauled back to the department