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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ziaja resigned and What's next for the High Sheriff

Steven Ziaja resigned from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.  

Dark Days Are Ahead For The High Sheriff

The High Sheriff and her thugs have worked very hard this week in their wicked ways. They have been busted again.  It is hard to understand how a Chaplain for the Alabama Sheriff's Association can be so corrupt and yet call herself a Chaplain.  Yep! It's true.  Read on. 

The walls, as they say, are closing in on Sheriff Ana Franklin. If the Inmate Food Fund isn’t the reason for her downfall, then maybe it will be the wreck she had in Bay Minette last June. Or the lawsuit filed against her by Straightline Drywall and Acoustical. Or, for that matter, any number of the other offenses she has committed against the honest, hard-working citizens of Morgan County. The question is not whether she is going to jail, but when?

Whether it’s next week or next month or whenever it’s still inevitable. And at that point, I’m sure she’s gonna want some company to come see her behind bars, but let’s face it…who’s actually gonna take the time to come and visit?

Even if he’s not in jail himself, Cousin Greg’s not gonna come and see her. Because he’s already been to prison and he knows firsthand what it’s like.

Bones might be willing to come see her, but would Jodi really let her husband visit another woman in prison?

Blake, I imagine, will probably still be too busy, locked in hand-to-hand combat with the FBI, on the front steps of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office to come and visit.

Berzett might even be willing to come. If he has time for that [EXPLETIVE].

Since Booger has reportedly resigned from the ALEA, he might be willing to visit. If he’s not in jail himself. Or if Ana was not still head over heels in love with Charlie, instead of him.

Charlie might also be willing to come see her. If they allow conjugal visits, that is. But it’s still a long drive all the way from Mobile.

Big Luther might be willing to come see her as well. Once he loses the Republican primary for his Senate seat in August. He should have more free time on his hands then.

Billable Barney probably won’t have any choice but to come and see her. After all, he is still her attorney.

But either way, Ana’s going to jail. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. The walls are closing in and the coming months may be uncomfortable for Ana, to say the least. In times like these, it’s nice to know you have the support of your friends, but in this particular instance, maybe Ana would best be served by seeking the advice of the Chaplain for the statewide Alabama Sheriffs’ Association. Oh, wait. Ana is the Chaplain of the Alabama Sheriffs’ Association. Sometimes, like they say, truth really is stranger than fiction.


  1. Jessie BlackburnMay 4, 2017 at 2:13 PM

    It sounds like the AL sheriffs association has no style. Aren't they the ones that fight for the sheriffs so they can keep the money left over in the food funds?

  2. Oh're full of surprises. You're nothing short of a walking contradiction.

  3. This was just a step up for her as people reposition within the Sheriffs Association. As much blatant lies that she has been openly caught in by the media alone should cause the Sheriffs Association both state and national to reconsider. It would be much better that a former officer of their association was arrested versus a current one. Be pretty awkward for the state to have their Chaplain arrested.

  4. Why would Barney not go to jail for his role? Conspiracy if nothing else for his role in helping to plan the illegal raid on Glenda's office and home? What about the lies he has told to the various Judges over this? When its proven he lied in Federal court is that not something that should at a minimum cause him to be disbarred?