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Monday, May 15, 2017

Warped Minds

Blogger Comments:

I have read all the hoopla about Rick and family court and what some of you consider his shortfalls.  I would rather be Rick Sherman any day that the good ole sheriff of Morgan County.  I bet Sheriff Ana Franklin wishes she only had Rick Sherman's issues to contend with.  Rick has done nothing wrong and it saddens me that you used Rick and his family to justify in your minds the criminal actions that Sheriff Franklin has committed over the past six years.

Sheriff Franklin deserves everything that is coming her way over the criminal conduct, fraud, waste, and abuse, abuse of power, cheating hard working deputies out of their pay, asking the deputies to call her "Mama".  Really Ana?  Is that true?  You folks can say anything you want to try to deflect the heat that is burning Ana's butt, it isn't going to change anything.  Ana is going to jail.

If Rick loses rights in Family Court for doing the right thing, Sheriff Franklin should spend the rest of her life behind bars for doing the wrong things.  To quote Donald Trump "it's bad, it's really really bad" and still you folks continue to worship Queen Ana for her corrupt conduct as the Sheriff of Morgan County, Alabama.   Big deal Rick worked on a Blog.  Sheriff Ana Franklin has been sticking her hand in the sheriff's office cookie jars for years and that does not mean just the inmate food funds cookie jar.

Some of you think it's funny that the inmates have not received nutritionally healthy meals until recently, and that they deserve to starve because they are just inmates.  Surely, there is a special place in Hell for people who think like that.

Just a few short months ago.  Pam Berzett was heard yelling that there was no money in the accounts to feed the inmates.  She yelled for someone to get Ana on the phone and explain where they were going to get the money for food.  You can just about guess where Franklin was when she received that call.  Can anybody spell Mobile?

It is a shame and a disgrace that Pam Berzett, Larry Berzett, Dee Goodwin, and others would sit back and call Ana to find out how to feed the inmates with no money when they should have called the Southern Center Law Group and report the lack of inmate food money to feed the inmates.  Why didn't they call the County Commission and report the shortfall to them?

If none of the special people that Ana brought in has done nothing wrong that why not report the problems to someone who can help?

I hear Pam has been telling people on FB to leave her man alone and quoting Bible verses. According to Pam, her man has done nothing wrong.  I will just leave that one alone and shake my head.

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