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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Understanding Ana

We hear that the reason Ana came in yesterday was to receive a donation.  Hopefully, the donation will go towards the MCSO and not the Feed Ana and Family Fund.  There have been many donations that have been given to the sheriff's office over the past six years that there is no accountability for.  Someone should seriously look at the posse funds that have been the source of a lot of cash going into peoples' pockets.  To include Larry Berzett.  Pam can stand by her man all day long but we have verified through witnesses that Larry was seen pocketing posse funds.  Taking the posse funds is the worst of the worst because those funds are made to aide and assist the special needs of our community.  That does not include supporting Ana, Larry, nor anyone else.  Those funds were also to be used to supplement the sheriff's office resources.  Franklin used the road deputies, reserves, and others to build the posse to a grandeur with elaborate gowns, horse gear, horse trailers, bridles, saddles, gowns, embroidery,  horses, and more with no thought in mind of the special needs.  Franklin spent $25,000.00 a year to hire a company to put on her dog and pony shows.  She used funds from other sheriffs office accounts as well.  She traveled in style and paid for the majority of the travel for her entourage.  Lavish trips for the special few.  While the road deputies, clerks, and staff were left behind to suffer the consequences.  Not to mention no food for the inmates.

I can hear all the Ana supporters out there now.  Can't you just leave it alone?  We hear this over and over and over again.  Well, apparently it has sunken in yet.  You folks are all sitting back waiting for the big shoe to drop on Glenda and Leon.  Ana is telling everybody who will listen that this is big really big.  They are going to jail.  Well! Ana despite your best efforts and they have been elaborate, brazen, and daring, and possibly incriminating for you we must give you an A+ for effort and an a D for being dumber than a rock to pull some of the things you have pulled since breaking into an office stealing documents, videoing the office, taking files, and having Keylogger software installed on computers before you got a warrant.  Ana that was one DUMB move on your part.  I can understand your desperation.  Hopefully, you Bones, Ziaja, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, and the rest of the crew will have a long time to think about what you have done.  You set out to destroy people and instead, your stupid antics destroyed you and those who followed your corruption.

I know a lot of folks in Morgan County keep asking why this is taking so long, and if Ana really did this why hasn't something already been done.  Many organizations do not run their offices with Key Stone cops such as Bones, Blake, Berzett, the Goodwin's, and others who have surrounded themselves with nothing but pure evil.  Patience is a virtue.  Don't let the length of time it takes to pull through non-biased investigations trouble you.  The corruption within the Morgan County Sheriffs Office did not occur overnight and they will not be corrected overnight.

It is with high hopes that all of the dedicated men and woman who continue to hold the sheriff's office together with their hard work and dedication will continue to do so.

Now! On another note.  We heard from one of the loudmouths out in the anonymous land that the ex-Priceville police officer is still an employee at the Priceville PD.  That isn't true.  Our sources tell us he has applied for a position directly with Sheriff Ana Franklin and with Chris Free, the Falkville Chief of Police.  Just what Falkville needs.  There is a reason why Davis is no longer employed with the Priceville PD.


  1. I am sure that it comes as no surprise to anyone living in the Priceville area,that Herman Davis would apply for a position with Sheriff Ana Franklin.It is known by quite a few folks that officer Davis as well as Ziaja,Peebles,Williams and Wilbanks,have been doing the sheriff's dirty work for a very long time.Good riddance to Davis and Peebles and hopefully the rest will soon follow.Corruption is just as bad or worse in north Alabama as it is in Montgomery.Hopefully the truth about just how corrupt Luther Strange is, will come out and his career in politics will end.I have it from a pretty good source that much of this will soon come out in the media.Some will be shocked and others will not be.As for Franklin,I have no doubts that she will serve time.Hopefully it will be lengthy.She needs to be used as an example to deter other sheriffs.Also,why in the world,would people still be giving Franklin money,when they know now that she is pocketing it?

  2. I sure wish,that I knew who the young lady is,that officer Herman Davis allegedly propositioned in exchange for not ticketing her.I am privy to information,that her father needs to know.This is not the first time,that Davis has been in trouble for this sort of behavior.I cannot believe that he would ask Faulkville police for a job since he was fired from there many years ago and was also fired from the airport.I was told this sometime ago by a former Decatur police officer.All of the Priceville police need to go as does the mayor.He is more responsible for their behavior and conduct than they are.Anytime that a mayor is kept in office for more than thirty or forty years,abuse of power and corruption becomes the norm.