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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Cowardly Sheriff of Morgan County could be the Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff Franklin is boasting to anybody who is listening that she will get justice.  Justice for what? Breaking into our office stealing documents and placing Keylogger software on office and personal computers?  Franklin does not scare me; she is a coward who is hiding, stealing, breaking into an office, and placing Keylogger software on computers before she has a warrant.  Franklin and her thugs used the Falkville Fire Department to set up their scheme.  Now she wants revenge against the whistleblower.  Why? Because she got caught.  Franklin is busted.  We proved beyond a doubt that she took money from inmate food funds and used them to invest in the Title Marts.  How dumb must you be to write counter checks for $160,000.00?

How dumb must you be to think that you can use a city fire department to transfer Keylogger software and plot a criminal act on a business?  How dumb must you be to use your employees, Blake Robinson and Justin Powell, to help you with the break-in?  You do know, Sheriff Franklin, that it is easily proven that you were coordinating with these two thugs while they were getting ready for the break-in.

Franklin, you are a coward who is hiding behind a badge.  We can't wait until your pink handcuffs are placed around your wrists and you are carted off to jail.  Send your goons by anytime, have them pull in and or park so you can watch us.  By the way, why don't you break in again and tamper with more of the computers?  Why don't you bypass the firewall and continue collecting information?  Don't forget to turn on the mic and cameras on the computers so you can listen real time.

Just for your information Sheriff Franklin you're not really good at the cloak and dagger gig.  Neither are your so-called accomplices.  Once the county is rid of you and your thugs we and the county can start rebuilding.


  1. There is actually a great deal of conversation through this county about all of this. Why has something not been done already. Surely our other elected officials and the Federal Government will not just sit back and let this continue.

  2. Ana knows the feds are all over her. She is scared shitless. She has Barney to thank for helping her jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Franklin is so deep in shit she can't shovel her way out. Don't worry about the contempt charges. She is sweating bigger problems.