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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Folks, Sheriff Ana Franklin is sweating more than ever.  She knows that at any given time she could hear her fate.  Franklin is worried.  Barney made Franklin look totally incompetent of understanding or having the ability to comprehend the Amended Consent Decree.  Well! at least paragraph 22.a.l. How is it that Franklin has the mental capacity to understand all portions of the Consent Decree except for the part that thou shall not steal from the inmate's food fund, that means all inmate food funds.

Franklin has tried everything in her power to arrest the whistleblowers and Warden Leon Bradley. Why she thinks that will do her any good is anybody's guess.  Must be another part of her inability to comprehend simple laws, regulations, consent decrees, and the fact that nothing she does to us will change what she has done and the consequences that will follow.  Barney made sure the court believed that Ana is a dunce.  We can't help but agree.

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  1. Somebody could get rich quick if they published a book called the life and lies of first female sheriff in alabama history to get arrested for crminal theft of federal food funds and who knows what else. Greed and surrounding yourself with money hungry thugs is why she is in this position.