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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sheriff not immune

Blogger Comments:  Congratulations to the Halls for standing up for what is right.  This is one case Franklin could not win.  We spoke to a lot of people in the class that said Sheriff Ana Franklin was not in the class nor was she scheduled for the class.  They were all willing to testify in the Halls.  There is a lot of people who refuse to lie under oath.  Sheriff Franklin is not one of those people.  Franklin has lied her butt off since taking office.  It never crossed Ana’s mind to have compassion for the two people she seriously injured in the wreck.  Her first and foremost goal was to lie her way out of trouble the way she has always done.  Those lies are quickly catching up with her.  

Another interesting aspect of this case is that the sheriff does not have absolute immunity from the State.

Morgan sheriff settles wreck lawsuit

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin has settled a civil lawsuit with a Baldwin County couple injured in an automobile accident last summer, according to court records.
Details of the settlement were not available, but Baldwin County Circuit Judge Jody Bishop wrote in an order this month that the case had been settled, denying as moot a defense motion to dismiss the case and ordering the plaintiff to submit paperwork to formally close the lawsuit.
The lawsuit, which sought unspecified damages, was brought by Hubbard and Martha Hall of Bay Minnette, both of whom suffered injuries in the crash with Franklin on Alabama 287 in Baldwin County.
In an unrelated incident, Hubbard Hall made national news in February when he was arrested and charged with murder after allegedly shooting and killing his 41-year-old son because he believed his son had physically abused his 12-year-old granddaughter.
Hubbard since has been released on $100,000 bail and the case referred to a Baldwin County grand jury to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed with a trial.
The civil lawsuit against Franklin alleged the sheriff was at fault because she failed to yield right of way to the Halls as she made a left-hand turn into a private drive, causing her 2011 Ford Expedition to collide with the Halls’ 2016 Toyota Corolla driven by Hubbard Hall.
Franklin could not be reached for comment.
The accident occurred June 7, and both Halls were transported by ambulance to North Baldwin Infirmary, according to the accident report, which concluded the crash was caused by Franklin failing to yield right of way.
“The Halls are pleased that they were able to reach a settlement,” said their attorney, Britt Bethea, noting that Martha Hall suffered significant injuries in the crash and that both continue to suffer injuries as a result.
Bethea and Randall McNeil, a Montgomery attorney who represents Franklin through the county’s liability insurance provider, both declined to release details about the settlement. McNeil said settlement details are typically confidential in all cases.
The settlement came after the judge ordered the case into mediation in March to attempt a negotiated settlement.
In January, Franklin’s attorney argued in court filings that the state constitution granted her immunity from civil lawsuits because she was acting within the scope of her duties at the time.
The motion said Franklin was traveling in Baldwin County to attend The Alabama Association of School Resource Officers conference. The couple's attorney argued his clients sustained injuries and damage due to Franklin’s alleged negligence and recklessness.
Morgan County Commission Chairman Ray Long said he had no details on the settlement and any payment to the plaintiffs likely would have been made by the county’s liability insurance provider.
The county paid no money from taxpayer coffers for a settlement or for Franklin’s legal defense, he said. or 256-340-2439. Twitter @evanbelanger.


  1. Looks like the headline is a bit misleading. After reading the article, it ought to read "Attorneys for county's insurance provider agree to settlement."
    But, it's the Daily...

  2. One down, several more to go. Time for Ana's house of cards to come tumbling down.

  3. I want to know when there is a negative news story she cannot ever be reached for comment...when there is a meth bust or calling a news conference about the Drug Task Force Commander for killing a golden retriever...she has all the press there? Go figure. Time to face the music.

  4. I would like to know why everytime there is a negative story on this corrupt Sheriff she cant ever be reached for comment. But if its a meth bust, or protecting her own (Bones Wilson) for wrongfully shooting a beautiful golden retriever Aubie...she called a news conference threatening to sue the owner of the facebook page. She should be available for comment for the good, the bad and the ugly...and there seems to be a lot of ugly out there right now.

  5. I would like to know why the Decatur daily don't start a story about Ana and all the lawsuits the settlements. Also do a true reporting story about her claims of being in Orange Beach on business or report the truth and interview the people who was there and never saw her or show she was never at the training​as she claims. I guess the wire service has replaced investigative reporting.