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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sheriff Franklin and Joey Coburn Share Federal Lawsuit

Blogger Comments:  We are not at all surprised that Deputy Joey Coburn is back in the news again.  Joey Coburn is notorious for roughhousing the people he takes into custody.  From Stephanie Coburn, To Ms. Legg, to a young 16-year-old visiting his grandmother in Falkville, Alabama.  Franklin is aware of Coburn’s anger issues.  My question is why hasn't the sheriff sent Coburn for anger management classes?  Why hasn't she tested him for human growth hormones?  Sources close to Coburn say that Joey has some pretty serious issues.  In March 2016, one of the bloggers noted that Coburn had a young man pulled over to the side of the road in Falkville, Coburn slammed the young man up against the kids SUV.  This action was well observed by people within the Falkville community. Ms. Lockhart observed the stop.

The interesting part of the stop came with a Falkville police officer pulled off to the side of the road.  The officer also observed Coburn slam the kid up against the SUV he was driving.  When the Falkville office walked up to the scene Coburn threw the kids ID's at him and walked off without any explanation to the young man or the Falkville police officer. 

As for Sheriff Franklin, this is just another Federal Lawsuit she is facing.  To date hasn't she had approximately 38 lawsuits filed against her?  Franklin has had her fair share of lawsuits.  At some point, the courts just start wondering what kind of organization is she running.  Franklin has been mostly immune to lawsuits filed by Morgan County citizens to date but don’t you think it’s time somebody took a close look at her operation. 

The sheriff has been riddled with claims of excessive tazing complaints.  She has let the inmates go hungry, she has alienated the highly skilled and qualified deputies instead favoring Coburn, Blake Robinson, Bones Wilson.  To the best of our knowledge to date Bones has targeted mostly family pets.  Such as the chihuahua he shot in a family home with a high-powered weapon.  We hear that Bones has killed approximately 30 family pets.  Blake is said to be very aggressive with a phone book.  Go figure.  Anybody that claims he will take on the FBI on the front steps of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is definitely a bad ass wannabe.  

Morgan deputy, sheriff named in excessive force lawsuit

D170304 Ana Franklin

A Hartselle man has filed a federal lawsuit against Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin and one of her deputies, alleging the deputy stopped the then 63-year-old without probable cause, punched and choked him, and then stunned him multiple times with a Taser, including once after he was already handcuffed.
The lawsuit brought by Armando de Quesada — who was arrested April 16, 2015, by Deputy Joey Coburn and charged with resisting arrest and obstructing justice — alleges Coburn made an illegal traffic stop without reasonable suspicion, conducted an illegal search and then used excessive force against the now 65-year-old grandfather.
De Quesada, a Cuban refugee who fled the regime of Fidel Castro in 1962 when he was a child, was acquitted of both charges — one by a jury on appeal to Morgan County Circuit Court and one by a judge in the lower District Court.
The lawsuit alleges Franklin also is to blame because she has not done enough to investigate or stop misconduct by her deputies.
“Defendant Franklin’s inaction, despite evidence of misconduct of defendant Coburn and other deputies, is part of a larger pattern and practice of defendant Franklin of tacitly approving and ratifying illegal acts of her deputies,” de Quesada’s attorney, Carl Cole, wrote in court filings.
In a statement released through Barney Lovelace, attorney for the Sheriff’s Office, Franklin called Coburn “a very good law enforcement officer” and said he had a lawful reason to stop de Quesada, whom she said was not compliant at the time of his arrest.
She said she did not know why she was named as a defendant in the lawsuit, because she had nothing to do with de Quesada’s arrest.
“I strongly deny and dispute the claim by Mr. de Quesada’s lawyer, Carl Cole, that I have permitted and encouraged a pattern and practice of misconduct by deputies of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office,” she said. “I am proud of the service of our deputies who face life or death decisions every day in their job trying to protect the citizens of Morgan County.”
Cole said Coburn claimed he stopped de Quesada because his tag light was out but never charged him with such a violation. He also said Coburn drew his gun and pointed it at de Quesada without cause.
“It was undisputed at trial that Armando had been completely cooperative and did nothing contrary to what he was told by the deputy prior to the deputy drawing down on him,” Cole said. “The deputy body-slammed him and charged him with resisting arrest because he claims Armando took his hands off the vehicle while being patted down or handcuffed.”
In court filings, Cole claimed Coburn punched de Quesada and attempted to render him unconscious using a “choke hold.” Unable to subdue the smaller man, Coburn stood back and shot him with a stun gun, the suit alleges.
The suit alleges that after handcuffing de Quesada, Coburn stunned him again with the Taser and left him on the ground for an “extended amount of time.”
Cole said Franklin is named in the suit because she was responsible for training and supervising Coburn, though he admitted she "may very well be dismissed from the lawsuit at some point."
He also said he was surprised there was no dash- or body-camera footage of the incident. Morgan County deputies are not equipped with such devices.
"I'm optimistic that this case will be about more than just Armando's damages and will cause some positive changes that protect both law enforcement officers and the people they engage," Cole said.
In the complaint, Cole noted four other lawsuits — two filed against Franklin and deputies and two filed against only Morgan County deputies — that allege excessive force and other constitutional violations.
Three of those complaints have been dismissed and another stayed, pending the results of an ongoing criminal investigation. A notice of appeal has been filed in one of the dismissed cases.
De Quesada is a regular contributor to The Daily’s letters to the editor section who has at times criticized law enforcement, calling for dash cameras on more than one occasion and at one point saying the county has a "localized form of a police state."
Coburn did not return a request for comment relayed to him through the sheriff. De Quesada is seeking unspecified damages to be determined at trial as well as a permanent injunction barring the defendants from engaging in alleged unlawful conduct in the future.

Previous Blog:  Dear Deputy Coburn, 3/30/2016
Blogger Comments:
Can you answer this question from one of our readers?  Please make it a very good explanation.  I was in Falkville yesterday afternoon just before 4:00 p.m. Oh! I was also on highway 31.  After you answer the questions below of a concerned parent maybe you can tell me why you left in such a hurry?  Surely, you didn't think that your behavior would not go unnoticed.

Did you see the accident that happened just as you left harassing the teenager? Did you stop for the accident? Too time-consuming?   Easier to pick on a fifteen-year-old teenager isn't it?  You may have been gone by the time the accident happened.

Please read the below comments from a concerned parent:

My son was pulled over in Falkville yesterday by Morgan County Sheriff's Deputy Joey Coburn. My son had just dropped off his Grandmother after he and a famiily friend had taken her to the Birmingham Zoo. Officer Coburn orfered my 15 year old son out off the car, put him up against the car, made him empty his pockets and searched him. He then questioned him as to his actions of the day. All this in front of his Grandmother's house. After Falkville Officer Childers arrived on the scene and my son's Grandmother came out of her house, Officer Coburn released my son. He was never told why he was pulled over. My son is 15 and we live in NC but I was raised in Falkville. My son was shook up by the actions of the deputy. He was ordered out off the car without being told why. I know there are a lot of drugs in Morgan County so when you see a teenager driving, you see a good bust. My son is a couple off weeks away from getting his Eagle Scout Award. Ben Franklin said "Those who would sacrifice essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty not safety." Deputy Coburn - Go fish somewhere else, stay out of Falkville. Would still love to know why you pulled my son. You should have explained it to him or at least made up something. Bad Stop, Bad Police Work. Protect and Harass .....

Previous Blog:  Joey Coburn Hard at work, 3/30/2016
Deputy Coburn, maybe you can explain to Morgan County, Alabama and the Falkville Police Department why you pulled a young man over yesterday afternoon in Falkville, made him empty his pockets, and slam him up against the vehicle?

Is this standard operating procedures for Morgan County Deputies or just you?

Are you one of the Thugamuffins I speak of on this blog?  The answer is yes.

More to come...


  1. How much smoke does there have to be before somebody finally realizes there is an actual fire?!

  2. From my understanding Deputy Coburn is a veteran who spent time overseas in service to our country. While we thank him for his service, law enforcement is not the career for him to return to. There have been several cases of cops in this country that use excessive force far too often who returned from a war zone. It doesn't take much to see how taking someone out of a war zone and immediately giving them a badge on American soil can be problematic, where the cop/veteran is unable to distinguish in his mind the difference between American citizens and foreign enemy combatants of Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Coburn could be an example. This isn't the streets of Mosul, Baghdad, or Fallujah. This is Danville, Hartselle, Lacey's Spring, and the like. We're American citizens with Constitutional rights. Not Al-Qaeda or ISIS operatives.

    Regardless of the outcome of this lawsuit, Coburn has anger issues and he needs counseling and deescalation training. Until then I don't feel safe with him patrolling my county.

  3. What I do not understand is why we as taxpayers keep having to spend money to defend a crooked sheriff. With a lawyer that is crooked as well and has done more than enough to be disbarred. This is irresponsible on behalf of all the county commissioners to allow this to continue going forward. Ana and Barney Lovelace have both lied in court and their testimony is no longer credible.
    It's like paying for a load of cow manure all you get is shit. Theirs is past ripe.

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