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Thursday, May 25, 2017


It is refreshing to read the comments from each and every reader of the blog.  It is easy to see when you get under the skin of others with the truth.  Some of the comments are correct; it doesn't matter if the vehicles are new or used.  It is important as to how the vehicles are distributed.  There seems to be a screw loose where the distribution comes in.

On the other hand!  Since Ana made it clear that she does not give a rat's ass about the road deputies and their safety.   The distribution proves the statements that she made.  What Franklin doesn't realize is that the deputies have been without a commander and chief for so long that they can make it without her and her executive branch Bones, Robinson, Berzett's, Livingston, and the Goodwin's.

The only people who believe that the MCSO is running smoothly are the aforementioned individuals.  I encourage each person to continue to voice your views.  The reason the blog is open is to allow each person to express themselves based on their own abilities.

Each comment matters.  When all is said and done hopefully the community will come together as one to begin the next chapter in Morgan County history.  It is my believe that Sheriff Ana Franklin will become a significant part of our history both in Morgan County and the state as a whole.  I don't know how many female sheriffs across the nation has gone down in history but I am a firm believer that Sheriff Franklin will be one of those women.  Greg Bartlett made national news.  Sheriff Ana Franklin will surpass Greg Bartlett's claim to fame across the nation.

The blog will continue to report to and update the county throughout the upcoming months and will report what we believe to be significant.  You get the opportunity to decide for yourself through your opinions on the blog what to keep and what to discard.

Until the next blog.....


  1. Speaking of sheriffs,I don't know if the MCWB has heard this but the Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning has said that he is not running again when his term is up.Comments on AL.COM by citizens have said that maybe the Feds are getting too close on the murder of Jason Klonowski.I have to disagree.I have always believed that if anything he is protected by the FBI.I can assure you,that they know exactly who killed that man and they don't care.You see Dorning is a member of the federal STAC team that is headed by an FBI agent in Huntsville and the Madison County D.A. Broussard.Sheriff Ana Franklin and her former boyfriend,Steven Ziaja,formally of the ALEA,were also members.Unfortunately,there will never be justice in this man's murder because it was done by law enforcement and covered up.This is common when someone hasn't any relatives so it's easy for corrupt law enforcement to sweep it under the rug.Their feeling is who cares.From what I have read and heard,most people think this was turned over from the state to the Feds.It was briefly,but the Feds turned it back over to the corrupt ALEA.Therefore,it ended up back with Strange and his thugs,the ALEA.I don't believe that I need to say more.You get the picture?

  2. Glenda's​ obsession lies with Sheriff Franklin, this won't even raise an eyebrow.

  3. I am fully aware of the MCWB's obsession with Sheriff Franklin.Obsessions don't get you what you want.I am also aware of the fact that very few people comment on this blog anymore,except for the sheriff's groupies.The Federal Bureau of Investigation could care less about some person with a blog.They have worked along side of this sheriff for years,and do not care how corrupt she is,because they are far more corrupt and have always been.Just look at Comey.

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