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Monday, May 22, 2017

Picture it all

Greg Steenson's business card clearly reflects "Owner"

Greg Steenson after prison and before prison
 Greg Steenson - Mug Shot 2016 - after prison and before next prison stay
 Sheriff Ana Franklin before prison
 Franklin, Ziaja, Stover
 Steven Ziaja
 Ana's buddy disgraced Governor Bentley
 Get rich quick Barney Lovelace
 Ana's Savior Luther Strange
 Ana at her best - Spending Sheriffs office money on her hobby
 Those were the days - The citizens believed in their sheriff
 Happier days
 The high sheriff looking all official
Hum! I wonder who formed the Keylogger plan?
 Oh! Happy days
 I did not steal inmate food funds.  I borrowed them.
 One of the horses owned by the Morgan County Sheriff's Office complete with gear.
 Ana boozing it up.  Line um up.
 Ana on Cooper and Company

 Justin Powell 
Justin Powell

 Dog Revenge against bones

Blake the Flake

Ready to take on the FBI on the sheriffs office front steps


  1. Boy,is it just me,or has anyone else noticed that Barnes Lovelace looks just like the Grinch.I would imagine,that he is probably as grumpy as the Grinch.He,s probably concerned that his money supply will dry up,with Ana going to jail.Maybe we can all pitch in and take up a collection for him.After all he is married to a girl who is one third his age,and he does like his fine booze.

  2. So, since it was yet again proven Ana lied yet again about her being on official business in Baldwin County when she ran over those folks, should she have to pay for the repairs the taxpayers paid to fix the county vehicle she was using when she crashed? She lost the lawsuit down in Baldwin County and the County Commission did not pay but how much of Sheriffs Office / tax payer money was used to try to help Ana hide all of this and pay for her wreck she lied about? Should the tax payers continue to pay for all the expenses of this Sheriff while acting beyond the line and scope of her elected duties and not even on official business? What about the deductible for the insurance? Will the insurance continue to cover her knowing the lies that were told and the fact she was not on official business using county funds and vehicle? Would really like to find out more about what the cost were to the Sheriffs Office and the insurance. All the lies and stall tactics are coming unraveled for the Sheriff. What will the others who have decided sink or swim they would stand with and partake in all the corruption with Ana do now, as it all continues to fall apart? With all the rest of what is to come it is not a question as to if it will happen anymore. It's a question of how long before it does happen and how long will they spend in jail?

    1. I totally agree with you Mr.Sherman.How much more money are the tax payers going to have to pay to cover this pathetic excuse of a sheriff?

  3. abuse of power. Why lie to a Judge...of wait you have lied to several Judges...this is nothing new.

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  6. You say that Ana and her thugs are going to jail.I sure hope so.However,who are all of these thugs and what are their crimes?Are they all just sheriff's office employees? Can you please list everyone involved and what their crimes are that will send them to jail.I am sure that others would like to know as well.Everyone has to know that she did not do this by herself.

    1. Glenda is too scared.

    2. Ain't none of them going to jail, and you're right, Glenda is too scared of them to list names and charges.

    3. Maybe Glenda is not authorized to list details because there is an investigation underway. Anyone who knows about investigations know they are extremely confidential due to possibly ruining said investigation.

    4. Oops...I'd hate for Glenda to compromise her investigation.
      I bet the Attorney General, ALEA, and the FBI are getting pretty sick of hearing from Glenda Lockhart and Rick Sherman.

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