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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Here we go again

Ana, could you please clarify who within the State Attorney General's Office is doing all of these favors for you?  You were repeating the same stories yesterday.  Who is running your "investigation" of Bradley and Lockhart?  Your followers complain that the whistleblowers keep harping on the same thing day after day.  Sounds like your followers should be telling you to put up or shut up.  You have promised this poor dumb schmuck that you have everything under control and the only people going to jail is Bradley and Lockhart.  Do you really believe that?  We think you do and so does Bones, Blake, Powell, and the rest of your followers.  We are sick of your lies.  You and Barney have told so many lies over the past six years neither of you knows the truth from fiction.

You keep harping and barking about all the support you have within the state.  Who?  Most of the corrupt Alabama Law Enforcement Officers you surrounded your self with have distanced themselves from you.  Hoping to keep their job.  Sure you still have big Luther and we know how hard you are hoping he comes out ahead in the bid for U.S. Senate.  The Washington insiders are pushing for Luther but they don't get to vote in the State of Alabama.  Our hope is that he loses his bid for U.S. Senate and that we can send an honest politician to represent the State of Alabama.

You have used up most of the goodwill law enforcement had for you.  A lot of the support went out the window when your Title Mart Ponzi Scheme begins to fall apart.  Then you told lie after lie which was reported by the Daily.  We can hardly wait until your spins start again to explain the $300,000.00 missing during your first three years of adventure, fun, and games.

You throw a highly qualified road deputy which you have few of into Courthouse security because he pissed off one of your daughter's colorful friends.  However, that too is not uncommon.  You have run your entire service as sheriff on a personal bases and not a professional level.   You pick and choose which drug dealers go to jail and those that don't.  Once in jail, the drug dealers, manufacturers, and traffickers were placed on work release while folks with misdemeanors and child support offenders sit in jail.  Why would you do that Ana?  What value are the drug dealers to you when they are walking the streets and roads of our county, not to mention surrounding counties?  Why do you trust the drug dealers, traffickers, and manufacturers more than you do the common misdemeanor offenders?

Now let's talk about Herman.  You met with Herman knowing why he no longer works for the Priceville PD.  As a female officer, it is repulsive that if even half of the rumors are going around you would find it acceptable to bring him on board.  On the other hand, it sounds just like you.

Some of you readers may say that this blog is personal.  Damn right it is personal and it should be personal for every citizen of Morgan County, Alabama.  Franklin has mistreated employees, firing or forcing them to resign, allowing common criminals such as her common-law son-in-law Jonathan Stebbins to resign from the sheriff's office as a corrections officer after being charged with three crimes during the six short weeks he worked as a corrections officer.  At the same time, Franklin was forcing people of color out of their positions and firing them for far fewer offensives than Jonathan Stebbins was charged with.  We could go on and on with people Franklin has mistreated but you get the picture.


  1. This is probably the best commentary you have posted so far.I agree with everything you said one hundred percent.I cannot speak for others,but I am sick and disgusted with all of this greed and corruption.As a victim of this corrupt sheriff and other law enforcement,I look forward to their day of reckoning.Keep on keeping on MCWB.This citizen is totally behind you.

  2. You may want to be careful about repeatedly stating that Ana Franklin has not and will not arrest you or Warden Bradley. First of all, you have shown that she is a dirty cop, in that she has broken the law, violated a judge's order, and lied about doing so! She needs to arrest you all just to save face by making it appear that she did it in good faith or with probable cause, even though we now know that the probable cause was illegally obtained. Secondly, BECAUSE SHE IS A DIRTY COP, she is likely to make the arrests just to "show" you or "just because". It does not matter to her that neither you nor the Warden actually committed any crimes. She hopes that arresting you all will protect her from civil liabilty.

    1. False arrest is a common law tort, where a plaintiff alleges he or she was held in custody without probable cause, or without an order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.

    2. You sound like you are a lawyer. If so, could you weigh in on the scenario alleged that the so called "probable cause" was obtained illegally for both the Warden and Glenda Lockhart when search & entry and placement of keystroke software installed on Lockhart's computer(s) without a warrant or court order? So then, would the "principle of the poisonous tree" do away with probable cause used to obtain legal warrants to do subsequent searches? If this reasoning is correct, then any arrest made on the basis of any evidence obtained with the later search would result in being held in custody without probable cause, correct?

  3. I am not the original poster, however, I imagine if you have "said" proof of the illegal search and entry, you obviously have a case. What occurs beyond that in a court room will be based via the judge. Proof is necessary, however, there is a high probability that if there is proof you've broken the law, the judge may not discount that fact either.