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Monday, May 1, 2017

Contempt Motion filed by Class Council

Blogger Comments:  Please see the motion filed by class council.  It appears that the contempt portion of the Federal case against Sheriff Ana Franklin is moving along.  Very Good read.  Justice will be served.  


  1. And now we wait for Barney to have his silly say in the matter. Lock her up already!!!!!!

  2. It's ironic. The sheriff that is suppose to uphold laws, declares essentially that she doesn't understand them by stating she did not think the decree applied to her? Wouldn't she have an advantage over a regular citizen by having access to lawyers to find these sort of things out before disrespecting the court and laws in general by doing whatever she wants and disobeying the decree? What do you suppose would happen to the average citizen if they broke a divorce or child custody decree? They can't say, I didn't know it did not apply to me after breaking the decree stipulations. They would be held accountable.
    She sought an opinion prior to taking office, she took the money anyway. That seems like criminal contempt to me. You arrest folks for theft, then turn around and do it too...ironic.

  3. she is a complete liar who needs to finally pay for her lies. Good luck

  4. So good to see that someone else recognizes that this was criminal activity. The plaintiff's attorneys know it too, but for what ever reason did not recommend to the judge that he refer or cite her for criminal contempt! Given that the previous sheriff went to jail in this matter (although civil in nature - he did not commit a criminal act), this sheriff clearly stole the money (committed a criminal act while being in contempt of the consent decree), and should be charged/arrested for theft! I do not know if the DA, AG, or the FBI should make the arrest but justice requires it!!!!She would be entitled to stand trial like anyone would. If due diligence is done by the authorities, it is highly likely that other crimes will be uncovered related to this issue. The ole saying "follow the money" could be revealing. For example, Where did the $160K she put in a Cullman bank come from? Public officials have to file an annual "statement of Economic Interests" that accounts for all assets & liabilities. That, along with her bank and tax records, would reveal whether legal funds were used to replace the "stolen money". I do not accept the notion that she has replaced the stolen money. The money was taken from the inmate food account in the Sheriff's Office and banked in Morgan County. To return or replace means placed back there. If I stole money from your house, I can't return or replace it by placing that same amount of money in your neighbor's house. What has likely happened here is that when the blogger proved that she had stolen the money by exposing the checks with her endorsement, she started the account in the Cullman bank identified as "food account" to say she had returned or replaced the stolen money. To say the money was removed due to nearing the insurance (FDIC) limit would cover for taking it. But notice that the money was not returned until after the proof/exposure of the theft of the money.
    There is so much more that could be said about this; I will just point out two more things. (1)Her claim that the money belonged to her as permitted by state law could not be made until the end of either the calendar or fiscal year. She took the money in June. The fiscal year ends September 30th. How could she know how much excess there was for her to claim in June? (2) She has claimed that the account was $21K short so she took the $161K out to invest to recoup her loss. BUT GET THIS - the same consent decree makes it clear that the Sheriff is not responsible for any overage in cost!!!! There was no reason for her to worry about going over. It would be the County Commission's responsibility to cover such shortages, not the Sheriff.

  5. What a shame. Barney should quit while heis ahead. His firm and father in law bill shinn made it very clear to this lying sheriff before she took office she cannnot touch the inmate food account. Lie after lie of where she got the money from. They should both be arrested for lying to fed judge kallon. i have heard there are have heard hundreds of thousands more missing. Resign please