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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Comments back to ya

The jail is now allowing inmates to receive the medications they are prescribed by their own physician instead of the medications Dr. Ana feels the inmates should have.  Therefore, if the inmate's doctor prescribes their medication why would the sheriff's office keep the medications when the inmate is released?   It is obvious some of you do not keep up with the blog or you would know that that the inmates are finally getting the medications their doctor prescribes them.  Keep the comments coming.  It shows you care.  As Sally Fields once said.  "You like me, you really like me.


  1. Their own doctor prescribes it, who pays for it?
    The inmate, the sheriff, the contracted medical group, the Dr.? Somebody has to pay, pick one.

  2. What difference does it make? If they're being treated...they're being treated.

  3. I agree 100%, the inmates should be treated, with the proper meds, while in jail. I was pointing out Glenda's bizarre idea that the jail or a private company (contracted in the jail) should pay for a person's medications after they are released. There are already state and/or federal programs which can help with that cost.

  4. Maybe you ought to ask the company that is contracted to take care of all medical issues inside the jail. You know, the folks who actually keep up with, and handle all the medications.

  5. Guess you can't figure it out moron the family has to pay for it. I know I have to turn medicine in to the clinic.

    1. I, for one, am glad the "family" had to pay, if true. Being a moron, I'm not really clear on some of this. You're saying that you pay in full, for an inmate's prescription (the entire prescription) and then when the inmate is released, the private medical company keeps what is left, of a fully paid for prescription?