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Friday, May 5, 2017

Blake the Flake

From one of our readers reminding us that Blake Robinson is ready to fight the FBI on the front steps of the sheriff's office.

Blogger Comment:  That's OK with us.  I hear Blake is a real Billy Bad A**.  Guess he will need to take that up with the Feds when they come for him.

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The Blogger dedicated a song to Blake...

And now the rest of the story.

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  1. Blake the Flake is an idiot! One of several that should have never been promoted in the first place! Now, it appears he will likely never be in law enforcement again soon. After his stupefied ignorant overinflated ego is deflated by the FBI ! How incredibly ignorant is this buffoon to challenge the FBI. From what I here he wont be missed when he goes to jail by anyone.

  2. Robinson Bones and Ana are all peas in a pod as useless as fleas on a dog! Barney Lovelace is in a similar boat. Berzett should have stayed in Limestone yet he was run out and Livingston and his failed business as he cheated his employees and left them out in the cold, should have never been brought in. His recent joining of the republican party ids a disgrace. he has distanced himself from the Sheriff and hopes when she goes down he will be appointed Sheriff. What about Barney and his shoe box of lies he carries around with him. He has done so with his shoebox for a very long time before Ana was in office. This whole thing is becoming a never ending soap opera yet the sad part is it is obviously real and no one has or seemingly will put a stop to it.

  3. Livingston appointed? Bwhahhahaha why ask him he is gonna be the next Sheriff and win by a landslide just like Ana!

    1. I thought livinston had alzheimers...anyone who could knowingly appear at a job when you know for a fact what illegal wrongdoings are happening...not report them.. Everyone who has covered for this circus of thieves and not reported it should all be held accountable.

  4. I think that it is wrong that there is a requirement before running for sheriff that you have to have law enforcement experience. This is wrong and probably unconstitutional.