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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ana soliciting people, really?

We hear that Ana and her thugs are soliciting people to file a lawsuit against the bloggers.  Who all do they want?  Who knows.  Here are some of our thoughts on the subject.  Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell drummed up lies about the whistleblowers.  They conspired with the informant in front of Sheriff Ana Franklin's attorney Mr. Barney Lovelace to gain access to a business to collect documents and other items a week before they obtained a legal search warrant, and they had Keylogger software installed on office computers so that they could track everything that went on in the office for a week before they got the warrant.  Now! That sounds criminal to me as a layman.  All of the people involved in the conspiracy and/or the Keylogger installation are either officers of the court or law enforcement.  Go ahead sue me for telling the truth. As for any of the others who don't like the truth being told that is your problem.  You work for us the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama.  I don't care if you are contract labor working behind the cloak of the MCSO, a jail administrator, the drug task force leader, the Information Technology Officer, or just one of Ana's thugs.  Furthermore, you held the whistleblowers and Leon Bradley's electronics in the MCSO for over nine days before you turned them over to the forensic information technology services.  You made copies of the hard drives before you sent them for testing.  You made far more copies than was needed.  As a matter of fact, you should have immediately taken the electronics that you obtained through illegal means directly to the forensic specialist without compromising the electronics any more than you did.  You should have also told the group that you got a lot of the products under illegal means.

Take this for whatever it's worth to you.  We have much more information to share with the courts when the time is right.  Go ahead and make a horses ass out of your self.

You have tried to destroy the whistleblowers and their credibility for a long time.  You can't handle the truth.  Sheriff Ana Franklin is a thief for stealing inmate food funds, she has committed fraud, waste, and abuse, she has misused her position for personal gain, as has many of the people who surround her.


  1. Sounds like everybody that works in the jail ought to sue y'all. You've accused the jail of starving, beating, tazing, violating human rights, and being inhumane to inmates. You've, at least, accused everyone that works in the jail of being complicit in these offenses, sounds like libel to me.

  2. Just out of curiosity, what technically is the definition of libel?

  3. The people working in the jail are not complicit. They are scared shitless for their jobs (excuse the ugly word Lord). Maybe you should say another prayer for the Ana cronies to include your husband. I know I do. Lord please let the authorities arrest Ana and her cronies so that all the decent people that have been done wrong by this Sheriff may quickly get back to doing the job they were hired to do. Look down on those who have been forced to resign or be fired Lord. My prayer is that you move swiftly as you go about your business to end this reign of crime in our county. Amen

    1. You have long held that the inmates have been subjected to horrible violations of their civil rights. This inhumane treatment had to be carried out by corrections officers, now you're trying to say that they committed these heinous acts because they fear for their $11/hr jobs? You claim they have sold out their dignity and humanity for that wage? I guess you believe that Goring and Hess were just following orders.
      Or, once again, you're lying.
      Your can't have it both ways.

    2. Praying to the Almighty to enforce man's law?
      Brave or foolish?

  4. If the blog was smart..they would eliminate comments. It's nauseating to know that this corrupt sheriff even has one supporter, a bunch of blind people in Morgan County LOL