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Friday, May 5, 2017

Additions and Deletions Morgan County Sheriff's Office

We went back over the published Morgan County Commission Minutes through June 2016 and found that during the time frame covered the sheriff's office has added 31 new employees and lost 25 employees.  We also know that in the past couple of weeks the sheriff's office has lost 2 deputies who resigned.

How is the Morgan County Sheriff maintaining the old jail and the new jail without adequate resources to maintain the jail?

Now that the sheriff is feeding the inmates adequate and nutritional meals it appears that she needs additional staff to maintain the kitchen.  So! how is she maintaining the 3 corrections officers per pod with the limited resources she has hire?.

Of the folks that we have spoken to, they tell us that there is not enough staff within the jail to be in compliance with the consent decree.

Sheriff Ana Franklin is posting the menu on the sheriff's FB so why doesn't she let the people know the number of deputies currently on the road and the number of corrections officers maintaining the jail?

If our sources are correct this is not a safe environment for the corrections officers or the inmates.


  1. Why don't you apply Glenda? I would sure like to see how you would do.

  2. I am sure Glenda wouid do a much better job than our current Sheriff! At least Glenda would not willfully and knowingly break the law as Ana does.

  3. Ana has caused some very good Deputies and other employees to leave. Hope those that have left will come back and help put it back together when she is gone. I have talked with several other Deputies who are also trying to leave. The county is loosing good people for a criminal who is destroying the Sheriffs Office.

  4. From what is going around the $150,000 and $10,000 checks were just a small portion of what has been taken. When is the rest of this story going to come out? Will Ana be able to sweep it under the rug as she has so many things for so very long starting long before she ever became Sheriff?