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Saturday, May 6, 2017

2017 Kentucky Derby: Look over the horses in Saturday's race Updated May 06, 2017 Posted May 06, 2017

The 2017 Kentucky Derby is today.  The Derby holds a special spot for Sheriff Ana Franklin.  When Franklin was working out of a house in Fairview in Cullman County during her early years of sheriffin' she met the Farmers daughter who had been fired from a Morgan County School. Franklin assured the Farmer she could help the daughter with her problem.  Boy did she ever help.  We met a young lady that also stayed in the house while Ana was there.  Ana had ways of making money early on in her sheriffin' career that was not so legal according to our sources who stayed in that house.

So! what ties that story into the Kentucky Derby?  The name Kentucky does.  Kentucky was Ana's code name.  It just so happened that there was a meet and greet during the 2014 campaign for sheriff and of course, Ana was there and so was one of the ladies who stayed in the house with Ana aka Kentucky in Fairview.  The young lady did everything in her power to talk to Kentucky that night, she even reminded her of the time they spent together in Fairview.  Kentucky was so distraught at seeing Sam that she called in good ole Bones and Blake to rid her of her problem.  Unfortunately for Ana Sam went out the back door as good ole reliable Bones and Blake came in the front door.

Kentucky when are you going to have another prescription pill roundup?


  1. All this cryptic, mumbo-jumbo ain't working. What's the accusation?

  2. Not every single blog or article posted includes an accusation. Some of them are simply informative.

    1. So it's just baseless fabrications to imply wrongdoing without facts? Now that, I can believe.