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Saturday, April 15, 2017

What's that smell? OH! It's just Ana trying to Bull S**T the Judge

Sheriff Ana Franklin is arrogant and does not believe the laws apply to her.  She does not believe in obeying rules.  Prior to entering the courtroom yesterday, I noticed a sign that stated you must turn off your cell phones.  

Bones Wilson was texting Ana during the proceedings and as he sent the text Ana was reading them during the proceedings.  The entire episode was disrespectful to the judge.  How rude, disrespectfully, and arrogant Ana is that she can't even follow the simplest rules.  Perhaps if she is charged with a criminal contempt that will get her attention.

Feeding inmates were the last thing Ana was thinking about when she invested the inmate food funds.  The reason the food funds were depleted was caused by Ana’s long-term use of the food funds that had nothing to do with the inmates or the sheriff’s office.

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