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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Well! Here we go again.

Barney succeeded in making Sheriff Ana Franklin look like an incompetent excuse of a sheriff in the hearing on April 15, 2017, yet he just can't stop.  Judge, she just didn’t understand that the decree and the amendment applied to her.  Barney is hell-bent and determined to get Franklin off the contempt charges.  Greg Bartlett's contempt charges cannot hold a candle to Sheriff Ana Franklin’s.  If the sheriff is as dumb as Barney portraits her to be you should be able to look in one ear and out the other.

Why is Barney doing this?  Because Barney is best friends with Luther Strange.  Ana bragged about the relationship and how she would never go to jail in the State of Alabama.  If Luther isn’t around to hold off any investigations or criminal charges against Ana, she knows she is going to jail.  But Barney is worried about Barney.  His big paychecks stop coming.

What Barney should be worried about is if Judge Kallon subpoenas all of Sheriff Franklin’s bank records that will reveal that she took a whole lot more money than $160,000.00.

I suppose Barney’s defenses will be, Your Honor Sheriff Ana Franklin just didn’t know any better.  What about all the previous lies Ana told about where she got the money?  Well! Your Honor Sheriff Ana Franklin just didn’t know any better. 

Give us a break Barney.  Sheriff Ana Franklin flat out took the money and a whole lot more.

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